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Admins and Russian community


AuthorAdmins and Russian community
Hey all.
I don't mean to critique them (Admins) in this thread.

Things is, as New Year was days ago, I took the opportunity to open a thread (Kinda long thread Btw) in the Russian General Game Forum saying what we "All" (Yes, I know I'm not to talk in the voice of others, nor represent .com in any way) would like to be changed more or less.
(To be completely honest, I was totally bored)

I mention many general things: more caring towards the .Com, translations etc.
nothing game-mechanic related.

To my surprise, many people (Russians and from the countries nearby) begin to raise their voices, and actually agree.

Copy paste after throwing into Google translate:
-I assure you an international friend of our opinion (95% of all players) administration simply do not care. And if you can play a lot and get into the block. That's how they treat us like a dog - it's not for nothing that the dog year is now"

What? I'm missing something here??
I thought the Russian community was completely happy with the administration? ?
Actually it is people from top kinda high levels that is agreeing, not just "random" PvE people.

Another comment:
- You will not believe it, but it is not advertised in Russia either."

- strange, like there is a clan of translators, whose employees receive a monthly salary http://www.heroeswm.ru/clan_info.php?id=6000 what do they do then?"

- It is very sincerely written. And it is extremely insulting for our foreigners. There are a lot of people who speak English well. The same Dart. So why not take someone in staff as an interpreter. And then the Arctic went and everything ...

- sometimes I go to .com and the desolation is felt from the doorstep, the roll-over field and the blank spaces of the translation

geopolitics I think there is nothing to do with, the adme is obviously tense to pull one version of the game, and even with the second to mess up quite lazy, given that it clearly showed its unprofitability, once the merger occurred

-You can look at lordswm
There is no official news about the latest events (I will exclude permanent events for ng and Christmas). Only themes in the game after a while
After the end of the broadcast, Maxim gave us some time and answered questions that were not voiced on the air itself. I tried to ask some questions that I noticed on the forum. Here are some things that you might be interested in 1) The Barbarian shaman is aware of the problems, there will still be work on him. For example, there is a reflection on the change in the cyclops, which caused such an ambiguous reaction with their "meteor shower." Possible solutions: transfer the magic strength of this spell to 1 level of blood or change / add the Blinding spell to the assortment. Write in the topic in the appropriate section of their proposals. (ZY VS has been altered so that the crit could be put on alt) 2) Magic rings. The administrator knows that CG, often, are forced to drag wizards in PvP and seeks to reduce the cost of fighting for mages and remove this need (KX is stronger than magical jewelry on a bunch of stats). Most likely, in the jeweler of the magicians there will be changes or a new one added. 3) The list of problem areas and changes in their characteristics for the BWC, including the event sets, will be collected and discussed. Try to ensure that each faction had its niche in the CCD at the expense of some new bonuses. 4) Once again raised the topic of hard KNB. A list of the most problematic places in PvP at all levels and methods for their solution will be collected. I hope, then we will stop seeing such things as 0% -10% in some factions against some opponents, which has been going on for many years. 5) All changes promised in the past will not be earlier than January-February. The basic and necessary work on the new HTML is done and it's time to deal with all the other things. And it's cool! 6) Dedicated to the problems of the faction potions and the problems of pvp at low levels.
7) The campaign is almost ready, plus new people have appeared, ready to deal with it, soon the appearance of companies can accelerate. 8) GV is almost ready and will be implemented soon 9) ADMIN vsetaki will kick Alexander to make pluses and minuses) 10) Up to 20 level if there is no MT in the sample of MT fights or very few fights for a certain faction, then balancer slightly throws meat at them. But sometimes, even 3-4% often gives a huge advantage (added some strong creature due to rounding). 11) All creatures alto gnomes and their abilities are made, except for new tans - they have a problem with the realization of the fire wave animation. 12) Alt dwarf dragged out - because they want to do it on the new HTML, then not to do double work on transferring the viola to a new format. 13) The application for android and iPhones will be full-fledged not only will they be updated with different conveniences and features. This is reality)

quality of translation so-so
please sorry
Link to thread

Sorry if the whole thread is messed up
Interesting read. Thanks for sharing Ipsen.
Great work, thanks!!
recently, the administration is taking some steps to improve the game. Therefore, it is desirable for you:
1. Create a group of leaders again for contacts with the administration
2. Introduce your representative to the Appeal Commission, the Clansman's Clan (http://www.heroeswm.ru/clan_info.php?id=205)
3. To develop some standard of communication with Russian-speaking (mutual translations of basic actions and names, for example). If we can understand each other more easily and quickly - it will take away a lot of negative
4. do not pay attention to the nationalists. Their task is to separate, and ours - to unite each other. We must accept that there are many nationalists everywhere. And seek their own ways for mutual understanding.
5. I beg your pardon, but personally I believe that most of the English-speaking players are less aware of the specifics of pvp-battles. But, during the battle, there is no way to correctly explain their mistakes. A good way out here would be to create a place on the forum for evaluating and commenting on the battles of English-speaking players
I thought the Russian community was completely happy with the administration? ?
Actually it is people from top kinda high levels that is agreeing, not just "random" PvE people.

I guess it is the points you raised in the interview. People wanted to see dwarf, the new campaign, the I&S suggestion reviews which have stopped. All these things that were suggested in the interview as coming soon appear to have been delayed. It's easy to get frustrated by these things.

1. Create a group of leaders again for contacts with the administration
The ICC exists for this purpose. However, just because it has been created, doesn't mean that the impact is as meaningful as we want it to be. You can put forward simple initiatives (as easy as assigning a player to post announcements) which aren't always listened to.

2. Introduce your representative to the Appeal Commission, the Clansman's Clan

It's an interesting proposal - Since the English user will be dealing with English cases of penalty/block, but using a Russian interface from the Appeal Commission's site.

3. To develop some standard of communication with Russian-speaking

There is a list of terms in Q&H - https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2558240 - Personally I don't have problems communicating with Russians in battle. Using co-ordinates of the field is easily the best way.

5. I beg your pardon, but personally I believe that most of the English-speaking players are less aware of the specifics of pvp-battles.

I sometimes think we are over-represented as a proportion of our population in tournament results / events etc. We'd have to look at the numbers ourselves.
for Corey:
have been delayed yes now there is a transition to html5, dwarves want to do already on html5

For today it is not done or does not work:
No book of magic
No Chat
Does not take into account the fury of the blood
No possibility to use runes
Incorrectly (not for the desired purpose) displays animation shots of creatures and beats Heroes
The animation of special abilities and magic is not displayed
The fiery wall, storm, mines and traps are not displayed

There is already a possibility to choose the alignment, do basic moves without the use of spells, include auto-fight (if available).
The inclusion of combat mode in HTML5 is suggested if the Flash player is not found in the browser. Alternatively, you can add & html5 = 1 to the address bar, for example

Abu Khalid thx for support in Russian thread/topic btw.
Interesting thread, good read. Thanks for reaching out.

Though I can honestly say I've not been affected by racism from the .ru community..
for Ipsen:
if my english was not so poor, i, of course, would try to help solve these problems (.
anyway, i think you need to create an initiative group on the matter
Though I can honestly say I've not been affected by racism from the .ru community..


Thanks Ipsen. It was interesting to read about another perspective.
finger up ipsen, good job!
Hello Ipsen,

My own personal experience was very good with the ru. server and the .com server.

Several months ago, I've posted a request for help due to a problem (I've tried a new year hunt that was left from January 2017. Tried it during October 2017 - Evil Monkey 2016. what a rookie mistake. I've posted request for help in the ru. server and in the .com server. Got useful and informative answers from both. People were kind and offered assistance. So, all in all, I think both communities are friendly and welcoming. I don't speak Russian. Used a bit of English along with some google translation for communication, it went quite well.

In these two large communities, we can always find some rotten apples. However, their number are very small albeit loud.

Thank you for your post.
I'm surprised by the impact of that post in the Russian community.
Apparently it echoes and it's spreading to many other unrelated things.

Also looks like the chances of us getting announcements and HWM Daily stuff are increasing.
They are having an awesome behaviour towards our thoughts.

They critique why the Clan of translators are getting paid, when we are getting only like half of announcements.
I don't know what to think about this.
And others are volunteering for that.

Also surprisingly, they know about Arctic , by the way.

Apparently some are "Rioting" in the thread and want to carry this to the higher personalities.
Since it's not only about .Com apparently, but in .Ru also there are "Issues" to take care of, and are being unnatented.

And people from HWM Daily wanna interview .Com personalities (From EFL, AnD, and AK).
I agree with Corey's last sentence, we might be 5%, but we seem more when it comes to "Impact" in the game.
thanks Ipsen, it is happy to know that we are not abandoned.
A good article write by Ipsen and it`s made some waves on the ru.forum,
Great! Keep the movement going fella. Only when momentum is built that we can see real change start to take place.
for Ipsen:
Keep the good job Ipsen!
Whatever we get out of this is more then what we have right now ;)
And if it's a start to an open communication with the admins, that will be great!
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