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AuthorPortal of time
One thing about the pot levels is that it has zero sense in the difficulty of it. While one can face a large army size during pot level 30s another faces half of that in the same pot level 30s and starts to face the others size in pot level 40s. It has always been inconsistent like this, why not make it that the pot levels really mean something?
Even when repeating the exact same pot level suddenly the AI has way less troops.
How else would you code it then?

The admins have to program it to have sufficient variation, but within that a roughly consistent difficulty curve.

Within this to my understanding each level will correspond to a specific value or range of total "strength". This total value is met by dividing it up into each of the creatures of that army which each have their own strength value.

However this means that sometimes you will have 3 stacks of 3 web spinners, or other times one stack of 9. These are very different to deal with, especially in an absence of expendable retal takers. Furthermore some army builds have strengths against certain types of enemies, while weaknesses against others (for example an army full of large creatures will struggle to efficiently root out a very large stack of shooters in a corner without suffering significant damage). Sometimes there is agood synergy with the set up of the AI army - for example ghosts raising web spinners.

I think there is no way around this without the armies becoming predictable and boring. By consequence then one must accept the inevitability of a slightly random difficulty aspect and build armies and expectations accordingly. You will lose some if you push the difficulty level to close to your capacity - at times this may be because you are lulled by an easier earlier one making you think you can progress much higher, and then hitting one with better synergy against your build.

The other thing is to have a balanced build yourself which fairs equally against all AI opponents. I defensive melee army with buffs and a magical secnd caster seems very good and flexible. It will force your enemy to approach, with the might being able to help the magic user in the initial rush, then visa versa when the melee attack units have been dealt with.
As an example

@Lord MilesTeg, how to code it? Easily, assign points to every AI unit and then give the pot levels fixed points for the AI to create a random army with it. This way you won't face the exact same army either.
Because right now the difference isn't 3 stacks of 3 spinners or 1 stack of 9. The difference is 2 stacks of 6 spinners with 112 ghosts and later on at the exact same pot level its suddenly 2 stacks of 4 spinners and only 64 ghosts. The other one has practicly double the army size and its partner AI as well. This is not consistent.
They could even add -10% army size after a loss for only to that exact same pot level and for next battle only. This way they couldn't abuse this to go for higher level after a loss.
So at how much crystals should you go for magic build (Holy and darkness)?
Btw set bonus for first 2 imperial arts is 3% ini - that is really nice compared to some other sets like temporal, leader's or pirate. What will be next? 2 att/def for 3 arts? ;)
with the last attempt we won 50 after 4 losses


for the ones who want to see
What will be next? 2 att/def for 3 arts?

The big problem i see is that until we have full set, they will release another set with higher stats, (that happend with temporar and pirate set)
with the last attempt we won 50 after 4 losses

Enemy was so small. :(
Just a proposal, I think it would be interesting if we can invest some CoT on initiative of hero. You know, the chaos casting is very slow without sorcery talent. It would give another way how to play this event successfully.
I like this proposal so +1 for that, though personally I am hoping for a few more days first!
Few more days are needed, I won't be able to complete all battles.
Quite surprising on seeing they offered 3 extra days for 1vs1 mirror battles ( which are fast ), and only 2 days for 2vs2 PoT ( which takes time for higher difficulty level ).
for Pastak:
good idea
why potion like warrior potion does not work in POT ?
Not a shop art

wow that was a painful combo, double amphibians, lower level as a buffer, the higher as pure might. Army composed mostly of aquatic serpents which of course cannot be delayed. So after a little bit they had rapid, stoneskin and chastise so had 97 attack and 80 something defence with ini of 22. Some mixes just dont work out for you. If I had been a caster perhaps not so bad due to air vulnerability. fingers crossed to get past level 50 in time, even if not all battles done.
Having stupid bad luck on this event, so I decided to get revenge

Meshy gains 9921 exp, 1112 gold, 1 WG point, +1% initiative armament for Warlords and 6.53 skill points (1520).

Two portal heroes
hmm, just went to reset my army
for some reason i cannot recruit brilliant unicorns, but I can remove and add other creatures.
stupid glitch
weird, had to reset fully again and then it worked.
This has been my worst PoT by far.
Probably won't even finish all my battles.

what the hell are these opp troops -_-
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