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5th Team blindfold tournament plus


Author5th Team blindfold tournament plus
You do get CG points in this tourney.
Can someone explain who is my ally and how does it work? Cause all are hostile to me....
Your "ally" should be the other human character. Finding out who that is is what is the hard part for this tourney. Usually if you do something completely stupid you can let the other person know who the other player character is. You could use a spell on the ground or something like that without hitting any troops at all.
100 you literally just move your troops to the far side of his and they'll attack him instead of you
Another way I have recognised human players is through stats
A lot players are using SoC and Flame Dagger, which I something I havent seen on AI
The 7% Water Elemental damage bonus and/or 4% Fire elemental damage bonus kind confirms the human player.
Not true,
AI had SoC equipped in my last battle
Red shadow barb

^ AI on Steroids :P
Safe to play such complex fights from Phone?
Idk whether I'll be able to grab computer for several hours these days in vacation.
whatever, will see.
I've only been able to do it on my phone and I've never done worse than third
for ProZyk:
Yeah you are right, got one AI with SOC as well
Last fight other human player decided to try and take me out so I had to knock him down a notch. Cost me the win but it was worth it. The guy tried to knock me out 5th. Completely boxed in everything I had. Sweet revenge knocking him out before I went down:)
Full defense is a pain to play... Also everyone ignored me towards the end, and I came out on top :D Poor Elven comrade though :(
gargs play with 100% waywardness when it comes to the final one-to-one with the ogre shamans.(gargs attacks ogres)

I mean to say no one play classic wizard and run with gargs

if wizards cannot run with gargs then what is the use of playing wizards

weird tournament

best way to let know u are player is wait your turn .simply wait to time out
magic DE are bad choice xD
Mages can seriously harm you to win, but themselves can never win.
I could run with gargs without a problem, just don't let the time run out, it is shorter than normal and easy to do, especially if you are on a phone.

Faction resistance does help identify the human. In my last battle the predicted damage from my magic punch was the same for everyone except the human (which helped confirm my suspicions). TDE seems good, the ai seemed not to focus him to much. I came second to one as he just did very little and I ended up having to kill everyone to stay alive, weakening me too much. Technically a good tactic by him, though he got only hair the fsp that I did despite his win.
I think wizards have pretty good probability of winning , because if enchanted garg isn't targeted, which isn't mostly , you can survive till end and then keep running and kill the remaining troops.

I saw some battles , hence I'm able to conclude that..

so now only double fsp?
Full defense is the way to go, and then wait while the others cut down each other
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