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Portal of time


AuthorPortal of time
Talents and faction resistance won't work, nothing works actually.. so its for just pure fsp farming for non-built factions.
nothing works actually

Racial base parameter works (kn for wizard,...).
Thats pretty much known lol :D
Ofc raw parameter of hero from guilds or racial base, works.
if only all the arties were not looted as usual :)
If you want to find a permanent event partner, enter your information this field. We will take the responsibility of finding a partner. It might not be possible always but score can be higher with a permanent partner.


Any queries, PM me :)
wow shubhamgoyal, nice winning in the event, what is your army?
Features of the time portal:
1) Journey into the past can accomplish all Heroes from the 5th combat level in artifacts from the store. Modifiers do not work;
2) The selected skills, abilities and abilities of the factions do not work, and in battle you can not take your army and use learned spells;
3) In combat, you can recruit creatures just for the crystals of time. The minimum required for the passage through the portal of 250 crystals will be issued to all comers;
4) Beings in the army can be combined in any way, while they can belong to either a single faction or to different factions. Their availability is determined by the availability of appropriate improvements for time crystals;
5) When recruiting creatures from different factions, the fighting spirit is reduced, but the "Hall of Unity" building avoids this penalty;
6) To unlock magical spells, you need to make a corresponding improvement to the portal. At the same time, all spells of all schools are opened at the maximum level.

Combat briefing and mission of the expedition:
1) Battles with the defenders of the past will take place in a 2-for-2 format;
2) For the victory over the enemy you can get artifacts of creatures, elements of the guild of mercenaries, artifacts with reduced strength, as well as some crystals of time;
3) The number of crystals obtained depends on the level of combat complexity. Initially, there are five levels of difficulty: from 1 to 5 - you can start with anyone. At the passage of the 5th level, the hero will be available 10 levels of difficulty - from 1 to 10. At the passage of the 10th level, the hero will be available levels from 5 to 15, etc .;
4) During the whole campaign you can win only 3 wins at one level;
5) Favorable arrangement of stars in the sky will last only 9 days until October 4 inclusive (+3 days for the end of the battles, until October 7 inclusive);
6) Abu-Bekr guarantees the return of all Heroes from the past, but imposes a restriction on 10 journeys per day. Attempts are piling up (the maximum number of fights is 90);
7) The Empire will generously reward the Heroes who collected the greatest number of crystals.

And in order to emphasize the special importance of this expedition, the personal successes of each Hero will be further encouraged by parts of a special artifact:

[Imperial Crossbow]

for the victory on the 10th level of difficulty: +1 part;
for the victory on the 20th level of difficulty: +3 parts;
for the victory on the 30th level of difficulty: +4 parts;
for the victory on the 40th level of difficulty: +5 parts;
for the victory on the 50th level of difficulty: +8 parts;

as well as up to 30 parts according to the results of the award, taking into account the personal contribution of each to the success of the expedition.

A full artifact will be assembled automatically if there are 100 parts. This artifact can not be transferred for use or rent, but it can be transferred to repair or to install modifiers.
[Post deleted by moderator Lord Syrian // As requested]
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Syrian made me do it]
Thats pretty much known lol :D
Ofc raw parameter of hero from guilds or racial base, works.

The fact that talents don't work is known too. When you say nothing works actually.. so its for just pure fsp farming for non-built factions, you suggest it doesn't matter if I'm elf or wizard. But it does. It's not major but the elf will have extra ini so good for shooter build while wizard is useless until you unlock MG.
Don't know if you're trying to argue or what, but anyways, no its not known by everyone. For you or others yes, not for new or first timers.

are talents working?
For example this, is reason why I said that.
And its pretty much common sense that raw parameters will always work


Since I am playing matchmaker here, I will contact players who are compatible with you if you still do not have a partner after a few hours. However, you are encouraged to PM each other as well. If you are in a real hurry, you can PM me and give me names of members you want to team up with (if available) and I can prioritise your case.
To check your matchmaking status, please revisit the sheet. Suggestions in your column should be there. You can PM me or write next to it if you refuse any suggestion for some reason.
row >.<
for ProZyk:
You have a peculiar definition of an argument. Might I enquiry if you live in North Korea?
Lol think or do whatever suit you :p
I couldn't care less.

Coming back to topic,
This arbalest already started making an impact in market.
If you own a back slot weapon for war purpose, this might be the right time to sell before prices drop even more.
What are you recruiting? It seems that a collection of golems is good.
Golems are good, as are farmers/ bandits on first day.

Also I've seen a mino build
for Meshy:
how can you think a farmer can be better than a skelleton, in any case?
how can you think a farmer can be better than a skelleton, in any case?
Farmers are better at farming?
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