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Portal of time


AuthorPortal of time
I sold mine for 150k :)
I sold mine for 150k :)

To a capitalist nonetheless!

Grats on your high score, interesting to see lower ring fetching a higher gold than the highest ring :D
Even I didn't expect it to go that high, just my good tone
these rings are not very good, i though it will be more woth it
I'm really confused how admins determine new items stats.
top 250 got the crossbow
and I am 254
*Triggered* :(
for FearMyArmy:

What where did you read that?
Being 100th ish I got 49 parts, at most is 51. Lower should have less parts but still something I imagine.

What you might have seen is people buying the whole crossbow, I've seen one guy that didn't play any event but has all imperial arts.
for Meshy: the announcement message for the winners of this event I saw it when I login

Maybe you misread?

All those who collected at least 250 crystals have been awarded with 1 to 30 pieces of the Imperial arbalest. The number too depends on the number of crystals collected.
for Meshy:
This is the effect of lack of sleep XD
I read it when I woke up
welp i need that arbalest
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