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Portal of time


AuthorPortal of time
the best pub build:

it has the best tolerence for all kinds of pub teammates.
Looking for a teammate. I have only done 1 battle so far.
201.#1209 death2all1,717
202.#1209 Meshy1,717

Going well :D
score after 50 firghts:

Crystals of time: total 1,602, available 0
Total combats: 50, Victories: 48

Currently on 455th place

Some enemies are very lucky, but hope never dies :D

My army:

5 green dragons
7 titans
5 antichrists
5 archdevils
3 guardians + 18 minotaur gladiators (for range dmg ressistance and + 3 morale aura)
Any I think is good score, when you compare that I don´t have any partner and i am only playing with random peoples :)

One example fight for me :)


what a loser, the pub is consist of 30% of that kind of "weight" they exist just to pull you down.

this is why I dont like dual lords event, better single player all the way.
oh no dont try advising go get partner, schedule in RL is too tight right now and there is lack of player in my timezone.
Any army suggestions???

2417 CoT
lvl 42

any suggestions for good builds around 1200 crystal level. Might only.
Defensive build with hydras and golems/minos is a sound set up for that number of crystals.

I have gone for ladons, foul hydras with cave demons and pit demons along with golems, lodestone golems and infected zombies with first mage guild. Provides lots of hp, with pit demons to either hit top tier troops for activated ability or else spam disrupt in the early game, with together with zombies means can dominate the late game. Also cave demons are good candidates for bless, such that they can mop up the end game as often ignored earlier on. This is perhaps viable from around 1800 crystals, or less without the magic, though the rapid, delay and bless are very very useful.

I think the best set up is one might and one magic, but that requires a regular team mate, if you are going with randoms you need something that will stand on its own.
For reference, this is it working pretty well, a comfortable win

Lessons learnt.

If using a magic build then knights are your nemesis. If they have a big stack of blessed spirits or marksmen you have a problem, as they can either remove your buffs essential for your survival, or else ignore 50% of your defence.

Against other enemies your first moves often revolve around stoneskin or evasion. However against a large stack of marksmen, confuse them first instead. If you protect yourself from these, they will just wipe out your ally too quickly and you will probably run out of mana.
If you play the event with random people, its counts to the Clan?

Guess we know why AD are performing badly this time then :D
I find cyclops shamans and their blinding to be useful against heavy shooter stacks.
Crystals of time: total 1,848, available 11
Total combats: 49, Victories: 48
last battle level 43
does anyone know top players what level are playing ?
you have to wait until the event is over
but if I have to guess I would say 68-70
does anyone know top players what level are playing ?

Lvl 68
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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