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Leaders Guild


AuthorLeaders Guild
New guild on map between watcher's and adventurers guilds. Translated from Russian:

Leaders Guild

Greetings SuperBacon! We do not yet have assignments for you, save the army in a special reserve, participating in any battles in the expanses of the Empire. As soon as tasks appear - you will learn about it in the news.

Anyone have any ideas on what exactly this is?
Maybe it's for CL5 and above I think.
I haven't received any such on my map.

Which location are you at?
It's just on the map, no a specific location. In between watcher's and adventurers buttons.
So top right hand side of the map.
Nothing for me.
So maybe above CL5
Being a Hero of the Empire is not only possessing a number of privileges, wearing glittering armor and commanding troops. First of all, it means to be a true leader, bearing the burden of responsibility not only for direct subordinates, but also for all those who, inspired by the example of their idol, are willing to selflessly follow his path. And sometimes only wise leadership instruction can save such loyal followers from reckless mistakes. Therefore, from now on, the Guild of Leaders begins to form on the lands of the Empire, the essence of which is not so much heroism as responsibility for those whom this heroism inspires.

Heroes, from today on the lands begins its formal existence of a new guild - the Guild of Leaders. At the moment, it has not yet begun its activity fully, but as soon as all the formalities are settled, it will certainly find something to attract the interest of capable and responsible leaders.

At this point, the Leaders Guild provides only the opportunity for any Hero from the 5th combat level to start recruiting their own followers:
1) No more than once every 5 successful battles (where the obtained skill is more than 0.3 and artifacts were worn out) a random detachment of creatures will join the Hero;
2) The number of creatures in a detachment of followers depends on whether victories were won, which artifacts were worn, and on the leadership index of the creatures themselves;

Guild features after the full opening:
1) Each Hero will be able to freely form an army of follower units available to him and send her to perform special tasks;
2) The number of creatures recruited will depend on the hero’s leadership score and the creatures themselves.

The remaining details will be announced later.
Access to the Guild will be made from the map of the Empire.
The above is google translate from .ru
Thanks ICiP!
Yeah I see it too. Wow, sounds awesome! Has good potential. It sounds like an unlimited version of the dungeons event (my favourite event) so I'm hoping they don't screw it up.
i just got +83 goblins in my hunt is that something to do with this ?
I bet it is!
So far, each guild has its own abbreviation because each one has a unique first letter. But what are we going to do about this one? Now what does LG stand for?
Let's join the LeG! What are we, FooT? :D
5 MG HG or TG battles done, got 84 faeries which apparently cost 51 stars per piece.

If there's a fixed price for each unit, some of them will be inevitably better just like in PoT. In a sense these finds are similar to armaments, and it will take time to find enough of each creature you like best
How did you "get" your faeries? Just beating random battles?
How did you "get" your faeries? Just beating random battles?

5 random mg hg and tg battles, of which I lost one TG, so you don't even have to win to get creatures.
Did a hunt and got nothing:(

Can get from defences.. Good save for clans who may have been struggling to fill defences previously.
Did a hunt and got nothing:(

I think someone joins you after every 5th battle
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