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Leaders Guild


AuthorLeaders Guild
received 779 farmers in POT battle
Expert_BOT gains 7340 exp, 996 gold, 1 WG point, +1 defense armament for Gremlin wreckers, Tempered centaurs (+94 cnt.) to reserve and 5.61 skill points :)
Meshy gains 2793 exp, 136114 score, Sentries (+439 cnt.) to reserve and 5.27 skill points (530).
Defenders of arena
5 random mg hg and tg battles, of which I lost one TG, so you don't even have to win to get creatures.

From your translation, I assume that lost battles will count, but won battles will give you more followers.
Spearmen (+225 cnt.)

Not bad at all :D
Looks like everyone is getting T1-T2 units , higher tiers only come when we do something in the guild maybe ?
Spearmen (+225 cnt.)

can you use them for any kind of battle?
I assume you will have to use them in the guild battles
I got 108 fk from WG
I got 410 titans.

Just kidding. You guys are making workaholics like me look bad.

(The evil) Empire always tries to come up with new ways to encourage people to do more battles, but I have to say, so far I think this is the most ingenious one.
New guilds , events , campaigs , game is realy improving , well played admins
i got 1687 farmers and 265 spearmen :|

I want higher tiers.
seems like there is a fixed amount of army you can recruit.. rest stay in reserve.
Every time they do stuff like this.. its such a buzzkill.
seems like there is a fixed amount of army you can recruit.. rest stay in reserve

If they implement this right, your reserve should be depleted quickly with every task, so that you would want to keep getting more.

The announcement says the number depends on your leadership score. I wonder how this score is determined, and whether it can be improved.
Never mind that last part. It just dawned on me that your Leaders Guild level is probably your leadership score.
well u can recruit them and then what = look at em ±)
well u can recruit them and then what = look at em ±)

Well odds are that the day the guild will be opened it won't hurt if you already have some dudes ready to get killed in your name. It's going just by the time the portal is ending...

how did you get this symbol?
for slust

they have havn´t translated the last adventerur guild in english yet how long will it take do u think to translate this ?

i think when hell freezes over
for Issy404:

Actually I can confirm the ICC is working in getting the translation for the new guild
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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