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Keep adding leadership scores :)
If you dislike everything about this game so much, why do you even play it??

When joined, there was not such a tricks. everything was fine and fun only even though not many events. Just last 3 years(all started from 'Watchers' guild introduced' only all those tricky activities going on.

I was not played the game for last 2 years. Adventures' guild is one of the reason i intentionally quit(blocked by abusive private mail to moderators all in this game about 60 mails) the game 2 years before.

Moreover, I did not participate in events enough 2 years before. Now, doing it mainly for the sake of quick level up only.Just back to complete my remaining levels only!!

Um, I think that's the idea, of every game. If being tricked means being given new fun stuffs,

No wonder, thats most expected comment 'fun stuffs' :D

Actual truth is the game not adding new events as fun stuffs. its just a basic active stuffs for -ru server players (most of them bored being finished all the old guilds with diamonds) just to keep the likable about this game. So, introduce all new stuffs based on their expectation only.

But, Most foolishly believed that the game introduce all new events and guild just fun base only. Even though if it is fun, its not their actual idea to have us fun!!:P
moreover, all the events re-edited based on more competition than fun (all old events)

Example: Portal is very 1st event in this game. In beginning, Max level was 31 only.
Instruction like, 3 attempts for each level. I remember it was 90 (30x 3, 1 bonus level) attempts too.

It was a real fun based rules not competition. All players could complete the event like a quest. All participated and complete 90 attempts. No confusion and frustration between players. (thats what the fun based event)

But, Now the event re-edited to no limit for max level. That cause lot of confusion between players.

All other new events also, and additional new rules for the old events also just a tricky only. Not a fun at all :P
It was a real fun based rules not competition.

If you are not interested in playing competitively in the event nobody is forcing you? Doing it the slowest way, 5 battles per level should not result in challenging battles, so only you set up how competitive you want to play.

Personnaly I see little point in playing an online game if it is to play it like I am alone, playing an offline game. I also find more enjoyment in playing hard battles rather than just rolling other the AI.
If you are not interested in playing competitively in the event nobody is forcing you?


Your comment is senseless one. Just read the messages carefully. When did i mentioned someone forced me to do ?:P

If you want to say something about yourself then go on freely!! Don't start a unnecessary comment with such a stupid lines !! :D
Nice troll accusing everyone of writing stupid stuff every time you come on a topic.

Alright, so long genius.
Have you read the title of this thread?
im with slust, you dont like all these extra things then dont do them and dont complain about them.

personally i enjoy them and excited as to what this guild will bring us
Looks like admins are continuously tweaking the leadership points of the creatures.
E.g. Gogs = 89 -> 86
Rogues = 153 -> 157
I would not expect them to do it. This is probably like mini balances, or pirate event troop costs, these things are auto-calculated. The system could just be based on wathever players are recruiting.
The system could just be based on wathever players are recruiting.

I highly doubt that. Any recruitment that's happening is just people playing around. It shouldn't count for anything until people actually use it in missions.
Of course it makes no sense right now but it will once we get the missions. Do you think it makes more sense to imagine admins manually tweaking cost of hundreds of creatures? How? On which ground? Dynamic, automated balancing however would ensure that the best option never stays the best.

Not that how it's done matters much but since admins did not throw us a bone for this weekend... :(
Come one do it adminsss
Omg so this doesn't need full arts?? Yesss :D

But any idea when it'll be out? The picture in your link is just admins testing it out right?

Also any information about how frequently we'll get these quests?
It has begun :D


and dead troops stay dead
and dead troops stay dead

Nice :)

Freaking hell.
You don't get any EXP Points. This is so my type of Guild , hehehe
And you get different Guild points, LG HG

I have quests as

+1 GL
+1.2 HL
+1.5 HL

Can someone complete the abbreviations with their experience of completing the battles
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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