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One of his battles were a duel no? Duels didnt use durability during day of Duels. That or Day of Commanders
are they losing numbers from reserve?
One of his battles were a duel no?

No. All PvE battles.
You need to earn at least 0.3 fsp.

Yes, that must be it. We can't see his AG battle, but it must be the one with less than 0.3 fsp.
They have made zombies more expesive over night ...

3) There are no more than three tasks available to the hero (no more than 4 with the Blessing of Abu Bakr). The number of tasks is replenished every three hours;

Slight change since the translation was approved by admins.
7. Battles take place without artifacts or skills, and no lord on the battlefield. After placing the units, you have the option to activate automatic combat mode.

No leader in leader's guild?
What are rewards for getting levels in the guild?
the experience table?

Will we get any bonus increase in hero status for leveling up in LG?
Thanks Meshy
Will we get any bonus increase in hero status for leveling up in LG?

at 9th level of Leader's Guild
+1% Initiative

Everything else is just a development for that specific guild.

But as the announcement states, It's better to level up that guild in nice way, as there are chances of different ways to play that guild in future with various different benefits
Is there some dynamic balance? It seems that I'm facing progressively bigger armies.
Some creatures here are unupgradeable (Trogs, swashbucklers and gogs).

This is incorrect, it is just an interface issue, I think it only shows your top 10 troops by total leadership points, as such they can all be upgraded, I just could not see them, so assumed they could not.
Many creatures have gone up in cost significantly overnight. It looks like admins are intending to make this more difficult really quickly.
If they go up in cost, then it means you can upgrade them quicker (will get to 50k faster). May be a good thing
It amazes me that people can afford to upgrade (and lose so many creatures). I'm already burning troops faster than I can replenish them, so no upgrade for me, probably never. So there's no upside for me for lower-tier troops going up in cost.
I think doing 1.5 lg one increases difficulty. Even the invincible build guy I mentioned earlier is having close wins.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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