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If this is such a big problem for you, maybe you should contact MrBattleControl and get onto the ICC and the translation team to push the translation to be done. ;)
Guild introduced about week ago. What is the point still 'Russian' text in it?!!

Are they promote the language in .com server?!!

Its not take even few minutes to change them to English text!! Even the event can added in English text in beginning itself while introduce. Then, what reason Russian text exist in all new events for few days during introduction.

The admins themselves do not speak English. They also do not give out details about any specific upcoming events. This means that the English translation will nearly always come out after the Russian announcement.

There are a couple of Russian players who assist with translation + a couple of .Com players who give their thoughts, to make the English a little clearer.

If we are unable to get the news (because they don't give out details of events in advance), then we aren't going to be able to translate it.

Some news is translated pretty quickly, because there are repetitions of events. The Halloween, Christmas events etc. are often copied by the admins from the year before (which is why there are often incorrect dates or other bits of outdated info in them).

Any news that needs to be translated requires the small pool of Russian and English players to take a look at it - Which can take a little while due to differing timezones. Then the news gets sent off to be published. So there can be extra delays waiting on the person who is responsible for publishing the news. It is easier to get news published in the forums, then it is to get Russian updated in other areas of the game. In areas like the Leader's Guild - It may require the attention of one of the two admins, so this can be delayed if they are particularly busy.

So in theory, it would be easy to get a translation (and it might take a few minutes to get the text translated), but then the translators have to rely on others to get it pushed through - Which is where the delay can often be.
I just got skeletal crossbowmen
And I got Grotesques.
I just got skeletal crossbowmen

I've got it too but it's a pretty bad shooter, 7 ini, low HP and the xbow ability is pretty useless when half of the ennemy army has 2 or 3 defense anyway.
Just got this one by exchanging about 60k worth of trogs. Guess I am very lucky today.

for myevan2:

Nice one!
I just changed 2 and got vermins and brutes...hate them both...lol
for myevan2:
wow nice, but only 11 so leadership score is over 1k?
Yup 1021 at the moment.
My demons morphed into vermins, so apparently you can get also T1 from T2 units. I find vermins useful though, good ini speed and damage, 51 points for one
or well let's say it's relative... vermins are useful compared to most units I have in stock.

But then I checked one of myevans lg battles and they don't seem that great anymore. I guess I'll make them suffer for taking a spot from my army when I could have gotten succubis in their place.
This guild seems to be useless.
No fs points, no guild level benefits. :(
for IComeInPeace:
My demons morphed into vermins
I got the same think too. They are not good at all, because or their low HP and 1 min damage. Their speed makes them good to block/kill the shooters, but they can't handle the army in between. Even with the best creature armaments on them, I still prefer to take brutes or something else more tanky.
BTW, where is that Leaders guild table? I did read about it somewhere, but I can't find it....
I did read about it somewhere

It's the (google-)translated one from .ru.
With upgrading to get top tier troops, presumably it is better to wait till you have a very high amount of basic troop, such that when you upgrade them you are close to being able to upgrade whatever they turned into. Of course that is probably only relevant later on since to start it is better to have the choice of troops, something I currently have almost none of
for Slust:

It's the (google-)translated one from .ru.
Thanks mate. It's a link I can find somewhere in this thread?

for Lord MilesTeg:
What are you saying exactly? Lets say that I have 2000 gremlins. Instead of upgrading them asap, I should wait until I have 10.000?
for Meshy: Thats the one, thanks mate! :)
Essentially yes, if you waited till you had 250k of leadership points in one stack, then what you upgraded would be close to 50k and able to itself be upgraded. Or ensuring that the bulk of your leadership is focused on a single stack. Therefore more efficiently getting a higher tier creature. However this is at the expense of variation
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