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Mayo on pizza


AuthorMayo on pizza
I need support people...
Mayo is great on capricosa
Fish with mayo ++++

Pizza with mayo boooo -----
Man you have to try it... Its perfection <3
I hate mayo. Can't stand the taste.
If you need something extra on a pizza, then you are eating the wrong pizza in my book. Though as a scientist in the mood of experimentation I will try it next time.

Once for a dare someone removed the cream from the middle of a cream cake and replaced it with mayo. That definitely was not a nice combination.

Was it you?
I hate mayo. Can't stand the taste.
Pulp Fiction

Vincent: I dunno, I didn't go into Burger King. But, you know what they put on French fries in Holland instead of ketchup?
Jules: What?
Vincent: Mayonnaise.
Jules: God damn!
Vincent: I seen them do it, man, they ****ing drown them in that shit.
Jules: That's some ****ed up shit.

So many sorts of mayo. So many combinations with different food...
I gotta give it to then, chips and mayo is better than chips and tomatoes sauce. ( By the way for anyone who gets confused chips are French fries, some cultures call things the wrong names).

for Meshy:I was the poor sucker who ate it
Switzerland has the best mayo! Thommy mayonase is a work of art, best thing that you can eat with fries, bbq and pizza.
Everyone should try it ;)
My mother in law now eats polish mayo, says it's better than Hellman's (leading brand in the UK). Never knew mayo court be so varied
for Lord MilesTeg:
no idea to be honest, just a conversation we had once which came to mind when you mentioned Swiss mayo. Pretty sure there will be a limited selection which Tesco sells that is Polish, so reckon probably Winiary Mayonnaise, but cannot be sure.
My GF has mayo with everything, it's disgusting :D

My preference is BBQ sauce with everything and salad cream with chips
Keep that girl with you, she's a diamond
Mayo with everything,love mayo <3
Mayo with everything,love mayo <3

Grif, you're a genius
Some people in this neck of the world put mayo on everything. Elotes gets mayo, chili powder, and parmesan. A sandwich isn't a sandwich without mayo. And the most popular salad dressing is basically mayo with a few herbs and spices.

But fortunately for the sane world, mayo on everything is not obligatory!

P.s. Life of Boris loves him some mayonez. I can't figure out if it's a gopnik thing or just Boris. Anyone know?
just no pineapples dude
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