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AuthorReal players in TG
If the thief or the caught person run out of settlement timer, put them on auto

This will save 10 minutes of lifetime
Although I'd like it to be the standard 5 turns of waiting and then auto

So the player who's there can get a mild advantage.
Other person won't go afk again.
I don't want to catch someone at all, 15' min of my life gone waisted.


+1 annoying
+1 to #1

-1 to waiting as proposed by siddi. Fighting AI controlled real player's army is advantage enough. Let the good idea be good, no reason to modify it.
there are rangers who prefer to walk around to get caught. such forced auto would ruin their point source. well, maybe this force them to buy horses as intended by that (useless) guild :d

for Lord selfist: congrats on tg12 (almost). 2 more battles left :D
I don't want to catch someone at all, 15' min of my life gone waisted.

So much this, yes!

I hardly ever do TG anymore because I am afraid I will catch someone who doesn't realize they're being attacked, or who is using a script to travel remotely, or what have you.

+1 to idea
thx a lot siddi, got my lvl there.

thought an improvement on Bunnie's idea.

how about change ABC anti thief. Let players get caught but AI plays for them, setting etc all done by AI, fsp given, gold lost arts used all that jazz. without hindering both thief and victim.

ofc, if walker is a ranger, this option is disabled.
I want to not catch at all a player via ABC, rangers can always catch you to their ranger guild tasks as they supposed to do and not when they just walk like a lobster.

Just make it so that the system keeps upping the penalty time. It's 2 hours for first time, 8 hours for the second time etc. And never reset this either, keep upping the penalty time like it is a level. See how many will then go AFK and waste other peoples time when the consequence will be -2 luck and morale for days or over a week orso.
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