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Portal of Time


AuthorPortal of Time
Let's go!
Time travels feature certain restrictions:
- Talents have no effect;
- Faction skills and unique racial abiities have no effect;
- Only shop artifacts are accepted;
- Enchantments on artifacts have no effect;
- Magic spells of all schools are unlocked with crystals of time at Expert level;
- The 'Hall of Unity' allows recruiting creatures of different factions without suffering the decrease in morale;
- Troops are recruited using crystals of time.

From the event page^
What did I tell u ? In our CG battle. God listens lmao
What did I tell u ? In our CG battle. God listens lmao
I guess so xD
Let's hope the reward system is good for you this time :P
Would it be possible to ask for .ru announcement google translation and battle example? :)
Just for you, my Dear friends. You can find below briefing translation before news posting:

Features of the Portal of Time:
1) The expedition will start today at 21:00 on May 8;
2) Lords and Ladies of combat level 5 or above are allowed to participate. Only shop artifacts are allowed; enchantments have no effect;
3) Character talents, faction skills and unique racial abilities have no effect, and neither can you take your army into the battle nor cast spells;
4) In battle, you can only recruit creatures that have been found in the Empire's facilities, and improve them. A minimum of 250 crystals is required for access to the portal and will be issued to everyone wishing to attend;
5) Creatures in the army can be combined in any way and they can belong to one or more factions. Their availability is defined by having enough crystals of time to recruit them;
6) When recruiting creatures of different factions, morale is decreased. However, building the "Hall of Unity" prevents any decrease in morale when recruiting creatures across factions;
7) To cast magical spells, you need to unlock the appropriate magic guild; all spells from each magic school are unlocked at expert level.

Features of finding creatures:
1) The creature search is already available!
2) Creatures are hiding in all facilities of the Empire. The location of creatures for Lords and Ladies of different combat levels is different;
3) At exactly midnight each day, the creature's location will change;
4) The search for creatures is available in Empire facilities and takes a certain amount of time, after which they can be attacked;
5) The battle will take place in a special format against the found creatures and their leader;
6) With each new search, the search time will increase. The search time will be reset upon win;
7) The defeated creatures will be instantly available for recruitment in the Portal of Time;
8) The defeated creatures will receive +0.25 Hunter Guild points and the magic stone of this creature;
9) By collecting a certain number of magic stones of a single creature, it will be possible to improve this creature two to four times;
10) The last improvement will open access to a special creature that cannot be found in the expanses of an Empire;
11) The number of wins over facility creatures is limited and cannot exceed 20+[number of wins in portal] * 7.

Combat briefing and mission of the expedition:
1) The battles with the Sentinels of the Past will take place in the format 1 vs 1;
2) For every win you can earn: Hunters' Guild points, creature armaments, Mercenary guild elements, artifacts with reduced durability along with a number of Crystals of Time;
2) The number of Crystals gained depends on battle difficulty. Initially 5 difficulty levels are available, from 1 to 5 - and you can start from any one. When you defeat level 5, five additional levels become available, from 1 to 10. When you defeat level 10, you will move on to levels 5 through 15, and so on;
4) During your journey through the Portal of Time, you can win no more than 3 battles at any level;
5) The advantageous location of the stars in the sky suggest the Portal will last only 8 days until May 15 inclusive (+3 days for finish battles, until May 18 inclusive);
6) Abu-Bakir guarantees safe return from the Past for all Lords and Ladies, but limits the number of wins to 12 per day and not more than 18 battles. Attempts are accumulated (the maximum number of wins are 96, the maximum number of attempts are 144);
7) The Empire will generously reward the Lords and Ladies who have collected the greatest number of crystals.
for лучезарный_маг:
Thank you :)
What are the best creatures to unlock? How does it work? :)
Some editors changings:

magic stone = essence gem
What are the best creatures to unlock? How does it work? :)
for Arcanide:
Nobody know. You have to wait or open by yourself great creatures uniquial abilities.
for Arcanide:
there is opinion that heТll horses and champions (high initiative and good damage) shall be good

another question is how to recruit? Do I need as many fights with same creature as I can find?
Haha IТm going elf build
11) The number of wins over facility creatures is limited and cannot exceed 20+[number of wins in portal] * 7.

This needs a bit of clarification. So you can only unlock a limited number of troops theoretically since there is a limit to the number of wins right?
I needed a good event to stack my leaders guild creatures
go for pharaoh units guys. i believe 8 gems is all u need to unlock the time units.

From last event here I suggest pro troop to find:
Twilight dragons

Good luck to all
interesting theory @kchong

worth looking into, but to my knowledge the mega units tend to have a mixture of abilities, to it might be the easiest to unlock but might not be the best
for death2all:
Well thats true, but we dont know pharaoh mega units yet.

I remember faeries mega units with excessive cruelty was a beast for early levels xd
Ok so they are really pushing us to wait for these heaven jewels. After seeing the cloak im feeling that they wont even be worth the wait
Level 5, 10, 15, 20 doable.

DonТt have to do levels in between.
I would take best arts for 20 onwards unless u repeating levels.

Good luck. 15+ farmable too. DonТt have to force yourself on 20.
But level 1-10 is waste of points so jump straight to 10+
Level 21 ( I did 5-10-15-20-21)

Very possible with pharaoh units. I have not unlocked the upgraded camels but am 2 gems away. Will update u guys
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