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Purchase of a lady companion

AuthorPurchase of a lady companion
So if you look at the character page below the player level. There is an empty spot there. My idea is to be able to purchase a girl from the artifact store along with the abu bakir charm and skill potion etc.

You can buy presents and gift them to the girl.
The girl can level up by gaining experience.
Gain experience by:
Talking with her once daily.
Dueling with her once daily.
Gifting her presents

The girl is able to level up from level 1 to level 10.
She will tell you jokes, flirt with you, gift you presents daily or talk about the empire lands.

Presents can include:
At level 1, a resource, for example 1 wood, 1 gem etc

At level 5, low durability artifacts, 10/10 weapons etc

At level 10, ability to give a diamond, abu bakir charm for 3 days etc.

The reward list will be random and even at level 10, u can still receive 1 wood. I will let the admins decide what presents the girl can give.
Shouldn't 1 wood be a lvl10 present anyway? ;)
But why?

This is the loneliest, saddest post i've seen on here. Everyday the ideas get worse and worse.
purchase a girl from the artifact store

this is just another version of pets similar to the Halloween event that some people want to stay for forever

I want the halloween pet to stay and would be great for it to help out indeed :)

but not girls no
No no no!

We ain't here for your pleasure or make you laugh, and don't even think to get a pet if you feel like that.

We ain't your escort nore your prostitute!

Do you even think before you talk?
russian forums seem to like the idea.

dont see why u cant have a girl on ur homepage, multiple choices that can be bought from store of each faction.

gives more interaction and a new aspect of the game.
maybe she can help in hunts, mercenary quests etc a set amount of times a day.
that would be fun. can see alot of mechanics working out for the girl
My idea is to be able to purchase a girl from the artifact store

that was an oof right there, a big one.

She will tell you jokes, flirt with you, gift you presents daily


the idea is not really bad per se but then again why do you want more grind in a grinding game, especially when the rewards are not really good enough to warrant a new guild like system.

also (i cant believe this is coming from me) word your suggestions better, just the use of the word companion would have sounded way better.
What the hell?
For those still confused. I did a little work on paint.
Design is bad but it illustrates what I am trying to suggest.

update, check this screenshot for an example.
Of course this is just concept, and does not have a good design but it shows where the lady will be on the profile.

As you can see, you can chat, flirt and gift the lady.
The battle icon shows how many times she can accompany you to hunts etc, and the kiss icon is to recover your health
I don't think anyone is confused, you really don't see what's problematic on this concept?
And keep killing it with adding a hot lips kiss?

Do you really don't realize what you're saying or you are just a troll?
I bet on troll Calamity. You won't reason him.
for Calamity:
you are the real troll bro. stop hating on my idea.
Whats wrong with a kiss icon? and whats the problem with the concept. I think u dont know what ur talking about since russian forums have lots of support
We dont have enough translation for the events and game changes. And you have come up with the idea of a pointless girl "who will tell you jokes, flirt with you, gift you presents daily or talk about the empire lands.."

Even if we had translators who could easily make this happen. I keep asking why? Why we need this? It seems utterly pointless.
this thread really made my evening, thanks
update, check this screenshot for an example.

lol this is hilariously tragic, when lwm meets forever alone.
Enough is enough. I have let this topic alive a bit too long and for this i should apologize to female characters of this game.

IF anyone don't see why i'm closing this topic, can't help you.

To kchong, girls, women of this game are human beings too. Not a toy you can purchase. Even idea is insulting.

If you replace girl/woman with plant/cactus/daffodil or tree you can have your topic and idea.

Topic closed, end of discussion.
closed by Edwin (2021-06-17 20:21:49)
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