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What is Divine Retribution?

AuthorWhat is Divine Retribution?
Dear Knight Lords and Ladies, can yall fill me in on the effects of Divine Retribution? Fought Army of Holy Knights and almost succumbed to this spell from Thrones..
it is retribution that is divine. it does damage based on how much damage the unit they cast the spell on did i believe. there isnt a formula for that one anywhere i have seen



it is retribution that is divine.

Amazing explanation :D

The formula was given by Artcic ages ago I think:

Ti is tier killed by your target, Ni is number of units killed by target of that particular tier.
For example,
If thrones cast it on shrews who killed 100 xbows (tier 2) and 25 griffins (tier 4), the damage calculation will be:

18* [2*sqrt(100) + 4*sqrt(25)] = 720 damage.

This damage will then be reduced by magic resistance/ faction resistances.

This is my understanding of the old old formula. We should ask Murali or other pro knights if it works like this.
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