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Rogue Raids!


AuthorRogue Raids!
Event is here already
No new gnolls (
#summonproplayer the guide please!!!
Guide day 1:
Buy all gnolls.

Copy pasted from what I posted last raid event.

When the price is low. Get as many of those gnolls as u can.
Even if u don't want to use them, buy them and sell them later.

These gnolls are OP early game. I can see them being used till level 20-30.
Be careful of those elf heroes. I lost a battle cuz I was an idiot and just rushed in and died.

Make sure to buy the gnolls. To the moon!

ItТs about making profit bro. When price increases even more we will sell them off

This is trading game bro. lords of war and MONEY.
Its all about making lots of profits and trading units.

If u want a guide, i wrote a guide for the last event under Misc forum section.
Good luck.
More tips, they removed varan beaters tho
It feels like these farmer battles were designed for some gnoll madness.
the ring looks really good man.
the ring is better than dark ring lmap
Last time we had a link where we can post our battle examples. What was it?
is anyone keeping a track on different stack costs ...last time we were able to establish a top price and bottom price range?
the ring is better than dark ring lmap
Depend on your demands.

For me dark ring is better
For me dark ring is better
1 initiative >> 2 defence

Who cares which one's better, when we can have one pair of both. :D
My gnolls must have done something really bad to those 4000+ peasant women who chased my gnolls with their hoes for almost 40 min while I dispatch them 14-18 pieces per hit :-(

is anyone keeping a track on different stack costs

You can bookmark ninja's link, it works for all the events.
for bp99:
You don't need to suffer that much if you rapid and delay to hit and run with impunity ;)
Yeah, I should have slowed the biggest stack before the bows killed my shamans.
I went with 3 shamans stacks... Then I rapid the bolas too for extra fun.
Is price 114 silver too late to buy gnolls and sell with profit?
or in other words, I am not planning to play yet but I would like to spend my silver for later.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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