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Insane Leaders Guild Difficulty

AuthorInsane Leaders Guild Difficulty
Dear Lords and Ladies, apparently my growth in Leaders stunted due to absurd difficulty. Any tips?
Are you talking about dangerous bandits?
Try different army compositions. 110 black spiders is so unnecessary. Take a few satyrs
Lord Botmun, indeed... Dangerous Bandits is just insane.... I mean, the admin must have balance something
for FookMySelf:
Yeah, difficulty of those combats have been increased recently. Earlier I used to auto it for win easily, but now they have the difficulty equivalent to some difficult LeG event battle.
Apparently admins didn't like players copying replays from HWM Daily and getting 100% efficiency there everyday. That's the reason.
You can still do it in 1st attempt if you play carefully.
I have to agree here: LeG battles have been pretty impossible to win these last 4 days. Only lucky hits and lucky RNG can get you a win. if you do not have some very specific gold units / pikemen.
Yeah. I stopped doing Dangerous bandits since a week. Don't have time for another chore taking 20 minutes everyday.
Thought I was the only one. I stopped doing dangerous bandits --> to many losses. Cant win anymore on auto )
Better to play roulette these days. Dangerous bandits is a place to lose gold nowadays. I am not going to play it anymore.
And now they have made it impossible to recruit a stack over 8000 points. So no way to recruit 3 green dragons...
The limit has always been 40% of total points per stack (possibly the value of green dragons changed).
Yes, you are right. Still makes green reen dragons completely useless.
I will post it here as it is related to LG.


I have a question regarding the morale. In this fight Pirate Figter should have -1 morale after raise, but he had 0. What is the reason for this?

Also all other creatures had -2 morale after the raise, but non of them missed morale... is it a bad RNG luck on my side?
What is the reason for this?
I think it’s because the pirate fighter became undead after you raised it. Meaning negative morale would have no effect anyway. I’m pretty sure that is the reason the other creatures lost morale. All living troops lose moral if they are allied with non living troops.
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
Anything you raise has 0 morale as Lord fallen says it becomes undead
The guild became what it was supposed to be all along, defunct and ignorable xD
for rohanarora:
I like that XD
It seems to have gotten *slightly* easier in the last 3-4 days, not sure if it's a trend yet.
closed by FookMySelf (2021-12-10 10:45:08)
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