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Best pve faction?

AuthorBest pve faction?
I hear a lot of the factions are balanced but what's the best for HG,MG,Wg etc? I don't plan on pvping
elf and dark elf

elf has good shooters and summon phantom spell later on,
dark elf has shrews lizards and delay spell from witches
Thank you! Anything else besides those two?
Holy knight and necromancer
Wizards with high fsl can also work. Spell damage gets multiplied against neutrals.
For MG armies they work well for me.
Tribal ;)
Elf is probably the best. Fast and brutal, shines in HG, MG, TG. DE certainly works but hit and run shrews requires real patience for the best effect.
What about Pharaoh's?
Elf is probably the easiest
I find HK very good as well
DE my experience is inferior to HK tbh
Personally I would rank them this way (bad to best )

Drawf < Pharaoh/Tribal < Demon/Barbarian < Wizard < Necromancer/Darkelf < Knight/Elf
I don't know why you guys have dwarf so low, if you except HG and that is not always, I think they are great for TG WG and the rest.
WG everything is practically the same since its balanced class wise imo, isnt it?
for rohanarora:
Not exactly, since a class/build may suit your playstyle whilst others don't. For example I struggle more with might builds than the average player

bit of a different take. From my experience, for CL10-13 best "auto" class in my experience with [b]minimum AP[/b] is holy knight. Again, from CL10-13. Best class for getting records or if you don't play auto is elf.

If someone has had different experiences would love to hear thx
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