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Military Expedition


AuthorMilitary Expedition
there goes the rest of my gold
“ -Recommended ammunition for battles with superior enemy forces
– artifacts without any enchantment restrictions (FFA) with the sum of power enchantments from 40”

Does this mean that the superior forces battles allow for 40% total enchantments? Or does this mean 40 AP from enchanted artifacts?
40% total enchantments
from 40%*
Guys advice - Elf vs DE vs Tribals - which is best for this event
From past events I would say TDE
I use barb from 1-5 and DE from LV 6-10

From 8 we face tent so we need high attack like wolf ridder or shrew and lizard
Aren't the fights same for all at a CL and just the additional fights vary with faction too at the same CL?
i just ran through 1-10 with HK. super easy. none of the fights were even close
What's the theme of this event ? Seems like mix and mash of PoT, robbery and even army of cold ?
Anybody have a fight link for lvl 15? Are the first 10 lvls doable without a T7?
Added storyline “Military expedition”
same event for the whole year.wow
What is the best way to distribute points for Elf?
What is the best way to distribute points for Elf?

I guess towards your strength points, so that would be in attack and recruit count

It is challenging for BW.

Any tips for the following battle?

Can you destroy boss first?
I will try. The problem is that he evades quite frequently.
Amazing, level 10 is almost impossible with BattleWise Wizards. Was a piece of cake with Classic Wizard.

The variance in difficulty is amazing.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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