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Military Expedition


AuthorMilitary Expedition
Yeah classic wiz is always a joke in difficulty
No problems with classic elf so far. Would recommend.

Try focusing fire on the tent. It's been working for me as BW and I'm at level 20.
When we stuk at 1 faction really not give US chance to go from stuk place
Victories / Combats: 20 / 22
Total points: 6,628, available: 227

for Eddreine_RinLi: What do you mean?
for Loafoant:

I think what they're saying is that not having castles built for other factions to try different strategies for the same level is going to prevent progression in the event
What is the recommended upgrade with points?
Attack - Defense - initiative or Recruit %???
I'm going Attack, Ini and then Recruit
I would go 5% ini and then attack 5% and then recruit depending on highest tier troop. then attack, ini, attack, ini - 2% each and so on
Thank you for the ideas and suggestions.
Victories / Combats: 30 / 33
Total points: 11,236, available: 283

Way easier wave today. Dragon Curse is an interesting ability.
What's the Dragon Curse ability?
The mini dragons look cute

you can check both mini drakes abiliteis here
I'm done, stuck on level 21. At least I'll get the clan bonus.
Maybe share the battle here? We're here to help)
Dragons are annoying, those drakes are just hard to kill since we deal less dmg when attacking Melee
Mammary here is mine lvl 21 as mage...used firewalls...with some mistakes also...but doable


here is my 21. played all as hk
60 wins/60 battles super easy
21 as barb
1st option

2nd option
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