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Rayzar's rage


AuthorRayzar's rage
LEG event started!
1-10 done on auto at LeG 9
So what's the proper way to train up the hero troop? I know waiting increases initiative, attacking increases attack, dying increases health, defending increases defense, etc. But can you max out the increases for every category in a battle or is it only one category increases per battle?
for Acean:
1-10 done on auto at LeG 9

First stages are always easy, but you should play them in order to properly develop you Rayzar ;)
for techy:

It would be interesting to know how many turns does it get to increase the skills. Is it the first 10 turns? All fight long?
This is my first LeG event so I'm a bit confused on this hero unit. Do they get bigger each fight based on their actions? Are the upgrades persistent battle-to-battle?
Do they get bigger each fight based on their actions?

Their stats increase depending on your actions in combat, so it's important to get the combats right early on if you want to push for a very high level
Id suggest wait, attack and if possible, dont die. But dying wont be that bad cause your hero would be more tanky. It will be your choice on whether you want your hero tk be a shooter or a melee troop. (His current ability is more like bandits) Eventually he will get mew abilities based on how you play and what he went through from your battles
what will happen if u defend all the time ? wil it get unlimited retal, stand your ground , take roots entangeling roots that might kick ass
What abilities has everyone gotten so far? Bloodlust for me.
I've been mostly waiting but melee attacking occasionally (i.e to free archers).
Here's the list of unlocked abilities from battles that are shared in daily page

FAQ: Rayzar's rage

Waiting gives initiative, pressing defend adds defense, attacking adds attack, shooting adds shots, moving adds speed, dying adds hit points. So it might have been best to prolong the first battles as much as possible to gain as much as you can.
for Lawton:
You dont have to intentionally prolong the fight. Waiting once will give the same amount of ini boots as waiting for 100 times assuming waiting is the only action Rayzar takes
how can you be sure? there isnt an official pumping explanation for the extra units
what action gives you bravery?
Well from what I see is others have higher attack and damage while mine has higher initiative and with higher I mean even a full point higher. I didn't prolong any battles but at hindsight I wish I had.
for slayerofall:
Otherwise it won't be fair.
@Murali Since when has this game been fair? Every event favors some faction over others.

Here are my stats after 40 battles:
Att 49
Def 18
Damage 57-79
HP 635
Speed 4
Shots 7
Ini 10.2
Abilities: Shooter, No range penalty, No melee penalty, Bloodlust.

I see others with higher Attack, higher damage and even more shots. So yeah, nobody knows how the mechanism really works on how to gain what so practicly all will have different stats.
You dont have to prolonge fights,

If you use 1 action in a battle, 100% of the pumping will go to that action.
If you use 2 actions, they will get divided.

Small example:
If you use wait, 1 time, or 30 times -- you will receive maximum of number points of growth in initiative. Doesnt matter if its 1 or 30.
If you use wait, then you defend, you'll gain 50% growth in initiave, 50% in defence. Meaning if you get '10 exp/fight ' 5 exp will go in both skills.

If you use only 1 ability, but Rayzar dies, you will have done 2 actions/
Meaning if you win the battle you will gain 5 points in initiative and 5 points in survivability (either HP or defence)

That being said, if rayzar dies and you lose the battle, rayzar does not gain any points.
The exp. points is just used as an example =)

All this and more in the FAQ of daily, makes it easier to understand =)
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