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traveling time reduced?

Authortraveling time reduced?
Looks like the traveling time between two places is below 1 min now. Not sure if this is an upgrade or a bug.
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Good question, noticed it too. I asked in chat with RU. Maybe some extra feature for today?
It seems that indeed there was an update done last night:


Cool :-)
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4 secs with ABC.. nice update!
good change
In esrlier announcement it was said thst game is to be sinplified to adjust it to mobile application. This can be part of it.
This means more Merc quests on MG day for no lifers :)
This means more MG quests, more elements gained and possibly some decline in element prices. Traveling time reduced by about 85%, a game changer.

I wonder what more is changed that drastically to speed up gameplay for newcomers without risking older players to make their accounts inattractive and forcing to resign.
to make their accounts inattractive and forcing to resign.

May as well start building some labourers on a multi now mate just in case
I would bet on faster regeneration of hit points and mana, what could drop estate value what is already on pressure as there are less players and less renters while more and more estates.
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