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Portal results

AuthorPortal results
The sounds of battle never ceased in the vicinity of the imperial camp near the Portal of time, or even at a fair distance from it. At one point, the court magician worried that the unforeseen military successes of a few brave men might disrupt his plans. But the rapidly advancing roots of the uncharted realm stopped at the very edge of his field of special interest. The peace of the secluded burial ground found by his stone spies had not been disturbed - and, having slipped away from the prying eyes of the imperials, Abu-Bakir was soon in the arms of the deadly silence that reigned in its depths. The interior halls were surprisingly more spacious than one might have imagined from the outside of the structure. But perhaps it was only an optical illusion, created by the mystical twilight that enveloped the vastness of the shrines here, lit only by the dead flames of a few roasters. As he passed the rows of eternally slumbering Sphinx children, the court magician paused for a moment, gazed up at one of the winged creatures, and then down at the phylacteries beneath its paws. A wave of regret came over him at the sad fate of such magnificent creatures, to be the eternal guardians of the world's darkest souls. But instantly he dismissed unnecessary emotions and continued toward the center of the hall, where a grim reliquary, adorned with Necromancer symbols, stood on a small ceremonial pedestal surrounded by a circle of braziers. Approaching it, Abu-Bakir put aside his staff and drew another, wrapped in a cloth, from behind his back. Slowly unfolding it, the magician put in his right hand the cold shaft of a slightly modified lichen staff and his left - he ran across the dusty surface of reliquary, groping for a keyhole. Finally, when the desired opening was found, the magician grasped the staff with both hands and, lifting it in front of him, began to carefully insert it into the keyhole. After a few clicks, the tip suddenly jammed into the barrier-and Abu-Bakir sharply turned the "key," allowing the parts of the massive cover to part in different directions, opening the way to freedom for the dozens of imprisoned souls within. As the court magician let go of the dark staff, he waved his arms, and one of the souls came to a sudden halt, barely able to leave the reliquary's chambers. Obediently, it moved toward the warlock, following the magician's fingertips, and began to circle in front of him until, at some point, a purified crystal of time appeared in one of the magician's palms. The fingers of his other hand, meanwhile, tensed as if to tighten a telepathic grip - and the stiffened soul began to move closer to the crystal facets. With each passing moment, it felt as if it was struggling to resist, but it still lacked the strength to do anything about it. Moment by moment the energy of her soul continued to melt, saturating the facets of her new prison, until in an instant the last clots of her energy were trapped in the crystal.

АAbu-Bakir breathed a sigh of relief, but he had barely had time to mentally note that it was easier than he had anticipated when the flames of the braziers throughout the hall flared up more violently, and then everything around him began to come alive under the influence of unknown spells. A multitude of other reliquaries that had been hidden in the shadows also began to open, unleashing hundreds, thousands of captive souls into one endless whirlwind. Suddenly a spider's silhouette flashed in the back of the hall, followed by an authoritative female voice with a note of something eerie and otherworldly: «Bring them back! Right now!» A moment later, the hall filled with the sound of the wings of awakened guards, who soared into the air as they hunted for fleeing souls. It was time to leave as quickly as possible, before the culprit of the chaos caught their attention.

Lords and Ladies! The life of the Portal of Time is over, and our journey into the past has come to an end once more. Warlord Grammith, on behalf of the court magician Abu-Bakir, thanks everyone who responded to this call, and steadfastly ensured the safety of the scientific expedition. For the hardiness and bravery shown, everyone who managed to collect at least 600 crystals of time will be awarded with a special unique artifact. Its durability depends on the number of crystals collected!


All Lords and Ladies who have won at least one battle are entitled to a gold reward for their contribution! The exact amount depends on your number of wins, your combat level and number of crystals of time collected. Make sure to visit Portal of Time page to collect your reward.

All Lords and Ladies who collected at least 280 crystals have been rewarded with 1 to 20 parts of the Magma Armour. The parts number too depends on the number of crystals collected.

The best 5,000 Lords and Ladies are especially noted, which was able to collect the maximum number of crystals. This accomplishment will inevitably not go unnoticed by new loyal followers!

Lord/Lady RankReward
1 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 200
201 - 400
401 - 650
651 - 1000
1001 - 1500
1501 - 2250
2251 - 3000
3001 - 3750
3751 - 5000

The names of the best Lords/Ladies are to be forever recorded in the Empire’s history:

1.#276ФилантропЪ [10]8,353
2.#10877xMendorx [12]7,663
3.#73Serara [11]7,444
4.DragonBL17 [10]7,249
5.#1499Дарт Аньян [11]7,186
6.ZulNA [8]7,183
7.Legion_Commander [8]7,149
8.yuri_doom [11]7,130
9.#933Дындырынды [10]7,115
10.#1519GRIZZLY777 [21]7,113
11.#6629Набунага [7]7,093
12.#41Pblzhka [9]6,827
13.#8212Алазар [9]6,723
14.#11532drovv [8]6,642
15.#8502talmenka [12]6,640
16.#933Elden Soul [10]6,609
17.Usagi [11]6,599
18.#73I7oBe3JIo [8]6,526
19.#1209Galthran [11]6,520
20.Kamado [8]6,501
21.B_I_G [9]6,493
22.#8502_S1lence_ [13]6,470
23.#928Avaro [19]6,463
24.#928Легионер [21]6,457
25.#1597Gradient [22]6,454
26.#1519z_j_cd [19]6,431
27.#1519Глашка [21]6,421
28.#1519Kurda [19]6,388
29.#1519Кожаное_лицо [21]6,374
30.#10886Shki5er [19]6,349
31.#302ayse [15]6,323
32.#1519xvxPAINxvx [21]6,315
33.GloryUkraine [12]6,299
34.#1209Stabilizer [11]6,297
35.#7490Sage Jiraiya [17]6,276
36.#1519Гармингольд [17]6,274
37.#1519Нириус [20]6,255
38.#823Not a gift [21]6,245
39.#1519Sacura-Mak [21]6,245
40.#708ShillienSentinel [9]6,240
41.#1519ПРИВЕТ 1990 [21]6,239
42.#1488Refraction [13]6,232
43.#407Alaron [20]6,231
44.#1597Rotsh [18]6,212
45.#18Tiraksor [21]6,202
46.#1597AzraelT [16]6,188
47.#302СВБ 1 [18]6,179
48.#7490coldwind [14]6,178
49.#884MATIC [13]6,159
50.#1519Benilux [19]6,158
51.#256Bearded Mage [14]6,139
52.#1519ninjagomaster [20]6,119
53.Ufret1n [7]6,106
54.#1209_werewolf_ [19]6,104
55.#1138Tifosi [20]6,096
56.#8502S_Ares [9]6,094
57.#1597-HENRY- [17]6,070
58.#1209PlayboT [15]6,067
59.#104ВадимчикС [19]6,047
60.#18-Бес [19]6,046
61.#73ANDRSerg [13]6,045
62.#1209Некроперекач [19]6,045
63.#1519Гигантомахия [20]6,045
64.#1597---red-wolf--- [23]6,043
65.#1519HardForAll [17]6,032
66.#2517UOM3HA [22]6,031
67.#1519aproll [19]6,025
68.#2304Antim [18]6,017
69.#2517Liders [14]6,017
70.#8502Маг2607 [17]6,014
71.Iv0r [12]6,007
72.#41Diamonius [16]6,004
73.#1488Sautekh [14]6,004
74.GROMATOR [11]6,003
75.#1519Миха [21]5,984
76.#493Wirtz [16]5,981
77.#928a_yakovin [16]5,975
78.#88герой-феникса [17]5,971
79.#1209Хищник [17]5,967
80.#933Моя Санта [13]5,965
81.#1597Nadya2229 [21]5,964
82.#1519_Son of Anarchy_ [16]5,963
83.#1519luckerok [14]5,955
84.#104Гил-Гэлад [20]5,950
85.#5152Mad Floki [12]5,943
86.#73545453453Ё [11]5,940
87.#73JusticeNathanael [8]5,939
88.#1209-Aeria- [20]5,932
89.#1519D_Wolf_ [19]5,927
90.#104Starshina214 [22]5,922
91.Диамониус [15]5,920
92.#2303Добытчик [14]5,920
93.#1209slayerofall [17]5,915
94.#1597Алексей111 [20]5,912
95.#933Benedict [15]5,902
96.#1209IGOR_spb [19]5,901
97.#1519ден-герой [23]5,896
98.#1597Dafion [15]5,892
99.#8502Abrak [11]5,885
100.#2517KarakyrtSidr [21]5,872

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