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Combat lags

AuthorCombat lags
is anyone else facing lag while in combat? (cursor moving slowly, tiles not getting selected properly etc)
Yes I have, it does help if you uncheck "hardware accelarator" in battle settings for some reason.
Started for me since yesterday, before that it was working totally fine.

Tried checking unchecking all options, still not working very fine :")
Have you tried Graphic settings> animation speed> instant?
for dariel:

Yes yes itís always on instant only
I have it about a month now, hardware accelerator off is making it better not total better, sure this is not the solution and I'd love one since battle settings does not keep our preferences after we do clean our machines.
Instant and all the shortcuts I can have by day 1 in this game.
when it happens on me i just reload the page and then everything is OK
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