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Author Last message
Dark elves special ability01.29, 13:268Lord HeartBreakkid01.29, 13:53, by Lord HeartBreakkid
Conservation block01.29, 13:332Lord Moonhunter01.29, 13:40, by #7181Omega22
Diamond01.29, 07:328Lord a198401.29, 13:06, by Lord a1984
is it possible?01.29, 12:045Lord kanss01.29, 13:01, by ghostzodi
Do monster or mechanical,undead or elemental didn't effect?01.29, 09:0310Lord kaboom01.29, 12:05, by Sven91
Quest !!!01.29, 10:302Naxus01.29, 10:32, by Lady Straws
Cell 4 enrole01.28, 20:102KnightSlayer01.29, 10:20, by Lord kanss
way to type word in grey01.28, 16:2412Lord kanss01.29, 08:43, by Lord kanss
Talents01.29, 06:044evilskyterrorr01.29, 08:17, by evilskyterrorr
my map is not download!!!!!!!!01.29, 05:354#1209Lord tannaz01.29, 06:26, by Ahmadhafiz97
Talents Question01.29, 02:266Doxa01.29, 04:54, by Lord king_of_swords
mercenery quest01.28, 19:393dethklok01.29, 02:28, by evilskyterrorr
Whick is better?01.28, 11:289evilskyterrorr01.29, 02:26, by evilskyterrorr
best way to get more exp01.28, 15:485MJ00701.29, 02:17, by MJ007
simple question01.28, 17:564Alcapter01.28, 22:15, by Alcapter
A question about hunt records.01.28, 21:556#7279darkness200001.28, 22:02, by #7279darkness2000
Server Down?01.28, 09:248ghostzodi01.28, 21:45, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Damage of Magic Arrow01.28, 21:066The-Bad-Hunter01.28, 21:39, by The-Bad-Hunter
lvl 9 elf or DE?01.28, 21:193Darkclaws01.28, 21:39, by Riad
Clan creations01.28, 20:284KnightSlayer01.28, 21:36, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Warriors of Arena01.21, 23:3110Spellblaster01.28, 21:30, by #7181Omega22
will i lvl up?01.24, 11:545EliteIndian01.28, 21:29, by #7181Omega22
how do i get ore, wood, crystals,etc.01.28, 20:0016warhero501.28, 21:18, by Georgia
recuiting01.28, 15:397warhero501.28, 19:59, by warhero5
battle chat01.28, 14:384Lord kanss01.28, 15:49, by Sven91
Market 1 % tax help01.28, 10:4512Glossary01.28, 15:11, by Lady Straws
ice ring?01.27, 05:3123Lord ZGM01.28, 15:00, by Lady Van_GM
6th durvival tournment!01.28, 13:526#7183Lord zmia01.28, 14:28, by Lord HeartBreakkid
Battle chat01.28, 12:223PAULOM01.28, 14:04, by PAULOM
hunt01.28, 12:523Lord kanss01.28, 12:53, by Lady Straws

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