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Topic Date
Author Last message
Hunter's assistance12.17, 15:17292p12.17, 15:19, by Laco24
lvl 8, DE or Demon?12.14, 13:3111NeguraBunget12.17, 15:02, by Lord Vyz
Paysafe card diamonds purchase12.17, 14:294CitizenErased12.17, 15:01, by CitizenErased
Available points for talent12.17, 14:412naaruto12.17, 14:43, by hiddenshadow
TGI12.17, 13:532palkiax_212.17, 14:18, by gurumao
hunt bug or normal?12.17, 13:272evilskyterrorr12.17, 13:49, by lastpuff
characters12.17, 13:233wizzy_girl12.17, 13:26, by wizzy_girl
Confusion spell12.17, 08:049imsunny212.17, 13:12, by Lady Straws
help in that caravan12.17, 10:154Lord -Malik-12.17, 12:47, by Lord -Malik-
anyone experiencing hunting issues?12.17, 12:374OndaNera12.17, 12:47, by #7181Omega22
Gold Transfers12.17, 12:362GodOfMan12.17, 12:40, by #7181Omega22
Why no one showing interest?12.17, 05:5021BalaramReddy12.17, 12:01, by #7181h4nd
Loaning12.17, 10:595Dragondbz112.17, 11:06, by Dragondbz1
No Ball landed when Roulette had spinned12.16, 22:017Whouzza12.17, 03:50, by hyakkali2
MH and H shield12.17, 01:474Lord Chance1212.17, 02:54, by TimeWaster
chronicle and herald12.17, 00:115teddy112.17, 02:48, by #4201Lord Dizbe
Grounded12.17, 01:206Geryon12.17, 02:01, by Geryon
ban12.17, 01:033Jollin12.17, 01:07, by #7153Queen_Amanda
Autoban12.17, 01:002Jollin12.17, 01:01, by #7153Queen_Amanda
AP12.16, 23:484deathmaka12.17, 00:07, by deathmaka
hunts12.16, 23:122slop12.16, 23:13, by slop
mail error12.16, 21:271#7279shock225512.16, 21:27, by #7279shock2255
combats12.16, 21:223alexandr_aliev12.16, 21:24, by #7181Omega22
wierd message12.16, 20:512NobleKnight12.16, 20:52, by #4201Lord Pantheon
hey i cant use private mail..12.16, 20:313Lord -Malik-12.16, 20:33, by #7181Omega22
Why?12.16, 20:032kamit12.16, 20:04, by #7181Omega22
Something bad happened12.16, 19:543rzuff12.16, 19:56, by rzuff
What is it?12.16, 19:364Lord SILUR12.16, 19:47, by Lord SILUR
Combat not finished12.16, 19:344#4201Lord TBI12.16, 19:39, by #4201Lord TBI
Help me in clan register12.16, 18:025Lord X-hunter12.16, 19:21, by Lord X-hunter

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