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Anyone else getting poor element drop in Merc missions?12.26, 20:307#7153limustudotcom12.26, 21:42, by Nutella
Hunting Time12.26, 20:413Rafen_212.26, 21:12, by #7181Omega22
Hunting license12.26, 20:544GodOfMan12.26, 21:00, by GodOfMan
Help! I Need Lantern Trinkets12.26, 20:546#7490Lady Zephyranna12.26, 20:59, by #7181Omega22
look12.26, 20:413MOGUGA12.26, 20:51, by Lord kiwi
initiative and morale12.26, 19:354hyakkali212.26, 20:26, by hyakkali2
Hunt12.26, 19:163PAULOM12.26, 19:21, by Pang
Cheapest 10AP combos12.26, 13:036Lord Jedi-Knight12.26, 18:40, by Lord Jedi-Knight
question12.26, 18:083temniiricar12.26, 18:10, by temniiricar
tournament12.26, 17:497MassMacros12.26, 18:09, by darmogathel
unuseble trinkets12.26, 17:1112Lord _Random12.26, 17:32, by Lord _Random
What kind of luck befall on both of us?12.26, 16:475Lord X-hunter12.26, 17:02, by MiAlso
Lvl 10 arts12.26, 16:174#1209diversecity12.26, 16:25, by #1209diversecity
How fast my troops become 100% ready?12.26, 14:544Non_Wizard12.26, 15:46, by #7181Omega22
its true that type of trinket depends on ur place?12.26, 15:095Lord -Malik-12.26, 15:37, by #7181Omega22
Hunter Shirt12.26, 15:103Glorfindal12.26, 15:12, by Lady Straws
what i must do in the christmas vault?12.26, 14:322wizzy_girl12.26, 14:37, by Lady Takesister
Enroll for more than 1 hour12.26, 14:281darmogathel12.26, 14:28, by darmogathel
About Roulette Numbers List12.26, 12:427_Malekith_12.26, 13:42, by Lady Straws
What is it?12.26, 12:146poplar12.26, 12:28, by DarkSooth
elements12.26, 10:594NobleKnight12.26, 11:43, by Lord-Everton
how can I open more than one Vault?12.26, 11:182Bes77712.26, 11:22, by Lady Straws
help about mercenaries guild...not in the game manual12.26, 11:027devilishD12.26, 11:18, by devilishD
what is the court?12.26, 10:125NobleKnight12.26, 10:48, by NobleKnight
i dont get trinkets - why is that12.25, 21:4514piosk12.26, 10:12, by res_the_fallin1
give a present12.26, 09:584yukinago12.26, 10:05, by yukinago
warning on buying sttel blade12.26, 09:513Lord kanss12.26, 09:53, by Lord kanss
Armies12.26, 08:203ExtraKilleR12.26, 08:24, by ExtraKilleR
Ale?12.26, 07:446Mistcloud12.26, 07:58, by Mistcloud
Why?12.25, 21:065GodOfMan12.26, 07:19, by Lord Hellfalcon

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