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Gratitudes and congratulations


Topic Date
Author Last message
Svetochek lvl 1203.26, 15:383belacan03.30, 00:15, by #1209jahadad
Moxsapphire-----> lvl 1403.28, 04:5118#7279Lord Liuker03.29, 20:55, by Lord Deztin
tristan29 tommorow he is 14 years old!03.28, 17:381boschetar03.28, 17:38, by boschetar
my birthday and just married03.28, 15:034Warnra03.28, 15:42, by #7153Elven_Lord
Me Lv703.27, 06:462Lord AJM03.27, 06:58, by Lord HeartBreakkid
Me Lv703.27, 05:565Lord AJM03.27, 06:28, by Lord AJM
MarieAntoinetta ==========> lvl 1003.26, 00:484ARMAGEDON03.27, 02:00, by ishan
TasKurPavaro ====> Lvl 1303.21, 23:3433#7153DragonFlayer03.26, 15:13, by Zarebrant
Woosh --------> level03.22, 15:2017#7153Lord dmitriyns03.26, 14:32, by #1209jahadad
Sladurana ===> level 1103.24, 20:0410#9595Lord Patrickou03.26, 11:16, by narutoayan
belacan>>>>>no more loss in roulette03.25, 12:1210Ahmadhafiz9703.26, 04:25, by Ahmadhafiz97
Hablaty ===> level 1203.24, 12:5521#9595Lord Patrickou03.25, 23:49, by Lord bonedragon
Fight03.25, 18:0914Storkad03.25, 23:49, by #4201Lord MathProfessor
Heartbreakkid ------> [lvl 11]03.25, 11:2510coolahed03.25, 14:40, by Lord HeartBreakkid
cypyaly ===> lvl 14 !! (first romanian)03.21, 22:5316#7395Xata03.24, 20:52, by #7181Lord Jabbar
TasKurPavaro sets a huge(r) record against royal griffins!!03.21, 15:2232#7153Elven_Lord03.24, 11:35, by Lord Toshiro
congratz alyna 2 nd rank in top warriors03.23, 13:3110Lord shreshtha03.24, 11:26, by EROCS
i lvl 803.24, 10:321Lord rasen03.24, 10:32, by Lord rasen
Kotrin================================>Resigning as mod!03.23, 08:1581#7365Lord Kotrin03.24, 08:58, by Pang
Happy birthday Malz!!03.23, 21:502Lord Chance1203.23, 21:53, by #7279shock2255
Malz03.23, 11:495Malz03.23, 20:33, by #7153Lord DEATHisNEAR
All hail Mighty Arcticness03.23, 16:212#7705Lord naviron03.23, 16:25, by #414Dan-Panic
Happy Birthday Aijez... =D O=03.23, 11:496Lord X-hunter03.23, 14:57, by Lord X-hunter
Kotrin====================================>Resigning as m03.23, 08:131#7365Lord Kotrin03.23, 08:13, by #7365Lord Kotrin
kwan_waris3====================>Laborers' guild 803.14, 20:0328Lord Edwin190803.23, 03:12, by kliz_2c
runeheim----------------------> Level 1003.13, 11:4814Lord Edwin190803.22, 15:29, by runeheim
Woosh-------->level03.22, 14:401#7153Lord DEATHisNEAR03.22, 14:40, by #7153Lord DEATHisNEAR
xBlackHeartx Level 803.22, 14:381Lady Abby03.22, 14:38, by Lady Abby
Malz---->8 !!!!03.20, 16:398Phreonix03.22, 02:18, by Lord Chance12
HaPpY BiRtHDaY, beast1 !03.21, 16:141Lord Jedi-Knight03.21, 16:14, by Lord Jedi-Knight

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