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Gratitudes and congratulations


Topic Date
Author Last message
An even bigger record03.18, 08:1110Lord HeartBreakkid03.18, 11:02, by Lord X-hunter
cosmin_4_you================> level 803.17, 20:427Lord Edwin190803.18, 01:50, by cows98
BULCOS lev 1303.11, 21:0913Lord last_one03.17, 16:32, by Lord Barilla
X-Hunter ----> [8]03.15, 13:4311ghostzodi03.17, 10:59, by Lord X-hunter
INKWIZYTOR >>>level1103.09, 04:4212Lord HeartBreakkid03.17, 06:17, by Ahmadhafiz97
yeeee level 303.16, 16:525#9595Ilariara03.16, 19:04, by #9595Ilariara
kanss lvl 1003.14, 14:005rocco103.16, 10:17, by #11387Hewrin
beast1 >>> Level 6!!03.14, 17:205#4201aijez03.15, 09:30, by blazingarpit
congrats to all...03.14, 16:151worldterror03.14, 16:15, by worldterror
xCNxNanda >>>>1103.13, 18:318sjb5003.14, 13:33, by Lord HeartBreakkid
TasKurPavaro Huge record against royal griffins!!03.12, 21:0439#7153Elven_Lord03.14, 04:25, by #7279shock2255
Hewrin=========>{10}03.12, 14:269Lord Moonhunter03.13, 21:38, by #7382Korzika
To me!!!Wow,I am pathetic Congratzing myself: P03.13, 02:2722Malz03.13, 17:58, by Lord batles
DarwenAward MG lv.6!!!!03.03, 00:0622cows9803.13, 03:49, by cows98
Rorrim >>>>>>>>>>>> Lv1203.08, 15:0419#7153Lord arcanyx03.13, 02:44, by #7153j3di
Malz==========>>LVL703.12, 16:475Malz03.12, 17:14, by Aladdin007
Jabbar lev 1403.07, 20:3338Lord last_one03.12, 09:21, by JustChill
nnt000 --> 1403.08, 10:1528Lord Barilla03.11, 22:10, by #7153Lord DEATHisNEAR
Congratz to soul03.09, 13:016evilskyterrorr03.11, 10:54, by ChooJeremy
congrats to...03.10, 10:163Lord mega0impact03.10, 11:43, by Brokkole_Gomer
Congrats All Woman/Girls in this game03.08, 19:2119#7181Lord Mr_eee03.10, 10:00, by blazingarpit
R_HAUER lev 1203.09, 17:4710Lord last_one03.10, 09:39, by suvosh
Me lv 9( at last)03.09, 18:572Darkclaws03.09, 19:21, by Lord REXTOR
i goi it03.08, 09:515Lord syltan03.09, 10:33, by Brokkole_Gomer
esperando -------->>>>>>>>>>&g03.08, 19:331RGWarior03.08, 19:33, by RGWarior
To me!!!03.06, 03:3310Malz03.08, 14:55, by Lord HeartBreakkid
My first MG reputation = 1003.08, 14:024Dark-Ninja_lord03.08, 14:42, by Lord X-hunter
nnt000 -> level 1403.08, 12:522Dionysus03.08, 12:53, by Dionysus
happy birthday Cool_Guy03.08, 11:232JustChill03.08, 12:44, by Lord Cool_Guy
LEVY -------------------------------> lvl1402.19, 21:4050Lord SIDERISKA03.08, 11:11, by Dionysus

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