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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
violaton of transfers rules, finbots12.26, 17:263Phinic_cinic12.28, 03:23, by Sunny-Dayz
Transfer's11.29, 20:202Commander12.28, 03:14, by Sunny-Dayz
terribly obvious multi12.02, 08:576#7153limustudotcom12.28, 03:03, by Sunny-Dayz
took a loan and still did not repay. i12.05, 02:543Lord Arshad12.28, 03:01, by Sunny-Dayz
Transfers11.30, 16:002#7181Omega2212.28, 03:00, by Sunny-Dayz
Transfer's11.27, 08:263Commander12.28, 02:59, by Sunny-Dayz
Suspission of a transfer12.28, 00:242darth13kill12.28, 00:26, by darth13kill
Suspisious12.27, 21:154Illwin12.28, 00:06, by Grayman
Does this look right?12.27, 16:522Swingcat12.27, 16:55, by #7365Lord Kotrin
i have been cheated.12.26, 07:135EXTREMO12.27, 16:25, by Arctic
Bunny00712.26, 17:216CyberMini12.27, 16:04, by Arctic
a player is threating me12.27, 11:495#7490Lord samlonewolf12.27, 13:29, by Zyanya
A player buying all the mercury12.27, 13:224ForestFighter12.27, 13:27, by Zyanya
Bann.12.27, 12:552Night-Fire12.27, 13:04, by Hatred
financial assist, mults12.27, 09:581Lord Vhailor12.27, 09:58, by Lord Vhailor
Really weird12.27, 08:402DarkRobe12.27, 09:00, by Zyanya
Block daze12312.27, 08:362elrond0312.27, 08:59, by Zyanya
Gold for diamonds12.26, 05:3111Nullby12.27, 00:48, by Arctic
extra char violation12.25, 06:573xinj12.26, 22:23, by #4201Shebali
Excessive swearing12.26, 17:502slivermaster12.26, 21:12, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Hacker named DeadNecro12.26, 15:322Asassinator12.26, 16:22, by Zyanya
"hmm", his clan and possible exceptions12.26, 16:092LordSchniesel12.26, 16:16, by #7365Lord Kotrin
Will you ban them?12.25, 23:267LadyOfTheDeath12.26, 15:09, by #4201Shebali
block characters12.25, 18:516zub12.26, 10:39, by chain1995
no mercury12.26, 09:393extremea12.26, 10:01, by #7365Lord Kotrin
ammunution points...12.26, 08:532PhantomMiriaZ12.26, 08:55, by PhantomMiriaZ
reporitng my self...12.26, 07:552Karthik1212.26, 08:03, by Karthik12
soJnsJ12.26, 05:142xyz85312.26, 05:27, by Lady misself
begger followed me into battle12.25, 07:146xinj12.26, 04:52, by xinj
Roulette - zero12.25, 21:412#7181Lord lcorndogl12.25, 21:48, by #4201Shebali

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