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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Dragon caves12.19, 15:423Drakkon12.19, 16:48, by Lord veteran
Multis12.18, 23:051Inf1N1t12.18, 23:05, by Inf1N1t
foul words in battle chat12.18, 17:081Lord PROcent12.18, 17:08, by Lord PROcent
transfer12.18, 16:441Lord HESTOP12.18, 16:44, by Lord HESTOP
block players12.18, 14:512Riad12.18, 15:00, by Riad
Multiple Account Found12.18, 07:451Fire_Slayer12.18, 07:45, by Fire_Slayer
took a loan and didnt return it12.08, 18:523evil_mimi12.18, 07:45, by evil_mimi
level 4 hero but with so 100,000 gold,and so many resources?12.18, 06:512crashnburn_ph12.18, 07:24, by Lady misself
firebosskira afk12.18, 06:402Ariela12.18, 06:41, by Zyanya
Vuglar12.18, 06:352GromHellsream12.18, 06:38, by Zyanya
dillonbongzihan12.18, 05:482Lady cutie12.18, 05:50, by Lady misself
suspicious transfers12.18, 01:342#10886techy12.18, 01:53, by #7181Lord MasterTI
asking for resources on profile "violation game rule 3.12.18, 00:091crashnburn_ph12.18, 00:09, by crashnburn_ph
financial assist12.17, 20:301Lord Vhailor12.17, 20:30, by Lord Vhailor
Swearing in battle!11.24, 07:2710green10012.17, 18:16, by #7181Lord MasterTI
TGI not returned12.17, 14:221#7102Lord Sergo77712.17, 14:22, by #7102Lord Sergo777
Possible rule breaking12.17, 12:481Bfriudo12.17, 12:48, by Bfriudo
Possible rulebreakers12.17, 10:151Lady -Morgana-12.17, 10:15, by Lady -Morgana-
aaaaaaaaaaa12.17, 10:021Lord hihi12.17, 10:02, by Lord hihi
http://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=627965912.17, 07:592evle5012.17, 08:03, by #7365Lord Kotrin
block players11.30, 18:315WPiYS12.17, 01:44, by Lord-of-Magic
Bad language (Strong language please delete after delt with)12.17, 00:132DeltaUK12.17, 00:23, by Zyanya
financial assist12.09, 16:044Lord Vhailor12.16, 22:14, by Lord Vhailor
Financial transfers12.13, 08:163Riad12.16, 15:38, by #4201Shebali
illegal transfers12.16, 12:281Helllfire12.16, 12:28, by Helllfire
i came across this...12.16, 10:512sunblitz12.16, 11:02, by #7181Lord MasterTI
TGI12.16, 02:013china_blue9912.16, 09:27, by china_blue99
Multi and Transfers12.16, 05:011#4201Lord Pantheon12.16, 05:01, by #4201Lord Pantheon
Griefing by using excess time12.16, 03:562Gruntha12.16, 04:00, by Zyanya
transfer12.15, 16:323Lord HESTOP12.15, 21:49, by #7365Lord Kotrin

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