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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Merc Battle11.08, 10:392#7181Lord MasterTI11.08, 10:44, by Lady misself
_Skywalker_11.08, 05:332Critical111.08, 05:34, by Erlemar
howyking88 how to be a jerk11.07, 22:172johnnydark11.07, 23:19, by Lady misself
He swore at me.11.07, 15:162Lord t0rnad011.07, 15:28, by Erlemar
suspicious transfers11.03, 10:5813Ignatzius11.07, 14:37, by Lord Makkadihm
Too Much Gold Transferred11.07, 13:291knightelf11.07, 13:29, by knightelf
3.1611.07, 07:312Erlemar11.07, 07:32, by Lady misself
Gold Tranfers And Resources11.07, 06:451knightelf11.07, 06:45, by knightelf
inapropriate comments-hope he is blocked11.06, 22:221Bramblepaw11.06, 22:22, by Bramblepaw
mult11.06, 12:071Lord ---_Z-I-Z_---11.06, 12:07, by Lord ---_Z-I-Z_---
PPL afk most of time or just AFK11.06, 01:114Nullby11.06, 01:43, by Hatred
Player kidzrange is not fairplay11.05, 17:205Eliona11.05, 20:30, by #7181Lord Xerfer
block11.05, 16:573MonoTor11.05, 17:17, by MonoTor
Avatar porno11.05, 10:582Lady Milana11.05, 12:59, by Erlemar
Block11.05, 03:083Lord Ruin11.05, 03:24, by Erlemar
Possible violation of the rules 2.111.04, 21:062Commander11.05, 00:46, by werb123
Swearing in private mail11.04, 19:403#7153limustudotcom11.04, 23:48, by Kush
Transfer's11.04, 21:111Commander11.04, 21:11, by Commander
Swearing within a match.11.02, 19:364Lord t0rnad011.04, 19:20, by Lord t0rnad0
cards11.03, 20:032Drakkon11.04, 19:05, by Drakkon
financial assist11.04, 14:521Lord Neloth11.04, 14:52, by Lord Neloth
2 multis11.03, 04:432micray11.04, 12:13, by MalaysiaMerdeka
3.711.04, 03:471Erlemar11.04, 03:47, by Erlemar
afk11.03, 22:113bLiNgPL11.03, 23:30, by bLiNgPL
Multi Inzaijn311.02, 12:592Lord Makkadihm11.03, 23:24, by Dallandra
mult10.30, 21:053#5041beastandbeaty11.03, 22:34, by #1209dariel
Transfers11.03, 21:141Drakkon11.03, 21:14, by Drakkon
confession for having a multi11.03, 00:545werb12311.03, 20:45, by werb123
Mrwhoooo and company11.03, 20:091Xhuda11.03, 20:09, by Xhuda
multi11.03, 04:091Black_Dahlia11.03, 04:09, by Black_Dahlia

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