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Complaints and applications - Finance and others


Topic Date
Author Last message
Tranfer's11.19, 12:261Commander11.19, 12:26, by Commander
Scam11.15, 04:535sg_dark11.19, 11:34, by sg_dark
mean ol'e feelmypower11.18, 23:141chazza11.18, 23:14, by chazza
Blatant multi11.18, 19:522xinj11.18, 19:54, by xinj
bad language use11.17, 18:113Seba_brugge11.18, 18:54, by Seba_brugge
Now this has to be cheating somehow11.18, 16:093Drakkon11.18, 16:14, by CrossXVamki
possible multi account user in pvp11.18, 14:272Lady CSC11.18, 15:26, by tsikos2
transfers11.18, 14:451knightelf11.18, 14:45, by knightelf
Multis11.18, 00:251carogna11.18, 00:25, by carogna
offensive lenguage and possible multi11.17, 14:491Theodhred11.17, 14:49, by Theodhred
Tranfer's11.17, 07:131Commander11.17, 07:13, by Commander
Block My Accounts Please11.17, 07:091RandhyTheKnight11.17, 07:09, by RandhyTheKnight
its a report11.17, 05:003MickyMousetls11.17, 05:03, by Lady misself
Justice?!?!11.16, 10:185Sunny-Dayz11.17, 00:28, by StorminMerlin
thing uses very bad language!!11.16, 15:123Blood2811.16, 16:25, by Blood28
multis11.16, 12:111Oranos11.16, 12:11, by Oranos
these are multi accounts!11.16, 09:541loon211.16, 09:54, by loon2
financial assist11.15, 18:051Lord Telarun11.15, 18:05, by Lord Telarun
multis211.15, 10:041Lord 777yo11.15, 10:04, by Lord 777yo
Cheater that continues11.15, 09:092Lord Shadow_assassin11.15, 09:13, by bladelord429
these transfers are ridiculous11.15, 08:501Black_Dahlia11.15, 08:50, by Black_Dahlia
Cheat?11.14, 23:275stevelawler11.15, 00:59, by iron_eagle
how?11.14, 21:491n-e-v11.14, 21:49, by n-e-v
Block11.05, 02:384Lord MexxZ11.14, 17:27, by Lord MexxZ
2 or more acc in a same combat ...11.14, 09:212ProSlayer9311.14, 09:36, by gurumao
robinson11.14, 08:401MalaysiaBoleh11.14, 08:40, by MalaysiaBoleh
azifrazwan multi transfer11.08, 03:222phantomsushi11.14, 08:16, by sg_dark
multis11.13, 04:276spnkr211.13, 14:37, by sg_dark
Multicharacters11.13, 06:341Lord Derryk11.13, 06:34, by Lord Derryk
are these intentional losses?11.13, 03:581Lady Straws11.13, 03:58, by Lady Straws

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