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SELLING BROTHERHOOD OF THE SWORD 40k09.17, 18:192markxxxx09.17, 19:17, by #7181Omega22
Empire Of Courage And Determination !! (^_^)09.16, 09:442dhruvr09.16, 10:56, by Lady Tyrisia
Looking to join a friendly clan09.12, 19:044Vasagralem09.13, 11:30, by Barbarian-Fishy
join a clan09.11, 06:253THE-DARK-HAND09.11, 12:16, by Barbarian-Fishy
Finland clan08.30, 10:383#7279Lord unnamed08.30, 16:46, by naapa92
Clan for Sale08.26, 19:471Lord Acolyte08.26, 19:47, by Lord Acolyte
#602 elf power01.02, 10:2783suvosh08.25, 15:12, by lord287
#526 The Heroes Of Fate07.02, 18:4616conna08.22, 15:00, by Barbarian-Fishy
#583-Lietuvos didzioji kunygaikstiste08.08, 12:556Lord robertas408.18, 10:14, by Lord _-_turnirlub_-_
[Military Clan] #395 Guardians of Dragons05.23, 18:559mrwhite08.18, 06:58, by crys41
283 Lords, GB clan for level 11-1308.11, 23:042Lord selfist08.12, 00:36, by coolahed
Clan for Sale08.11, 12:342Hell_Barbarian08.11, 13:16, by Hell_Barbarian
# 514 - Born Elite08.11, 11:312Hell_Barbarian08.11, 11:32, by Hell_Barbarian
#585 different08.09, 11:371nobodiez08.09, 11:37, by nobodiez
The lords of the empire08.08, 13:411Lord susliks12308.08, 13:41, by Lord susliks123
klan07.30, 19:092Hexoral07.30, 19:15, by #7153DragonFlayer
Clan Buy07.30, 06:021Hell_Barbarian07.30, 06:02, by Hell_Barbarian
#630 Amazon Warriors07.26, 13:113Gypsygirl07.27, 18:26, by Gypsygirl
join a military clan07.27, 09:412Hell_Barbarian07.27, 10:07, by #7365Slynky
#557 The Dark Side Clan07.21, 12:493Knightee07.27, 07:35, by Knightee
#479 The Ultimate07.25, 16:562Lord Wounded07.26, 02:04, by Lord Wounded
#479 The Ultimate07.25, 02:421Lord Wounded07.25, 02:42, by Lord Wounded
(546) Hunting Lords06.24, 03:3519narutoayan07.23, 16:51, by Barbarian-Fishy
Clan for sale07.21, 14:343#7279sa32107.21, 15:29, by #7279sa321
#137 German Elitehunters06.09, 12:336Lord Makkadihm07.19, 16:02, by Lady Hoffnung
#208 Dutch Players07.15, 22:491Lord Dext07.15, 22:49, by Lord Dext
Hungarian Clan07.15, 17:091GOrus07.15, 17:09, by GOrus
#394 Blade of Honour07.11, 15:202LordFrydae1307.15, 12:07, by -Assasin_Hell-
Clan problem..!07.15, 09:037-Assasin_Hell-07.15, 09:52, by -Assasin_Hell-
#599 the Cult of Baal12.26, 15:4758Lord _Random07.14, 12:11, by Lord _Random

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