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Rent full lvl 8 37 ap set06.12, 20:011matomato1206.12, 20:01, by matomato12
Rent a FOOL to 5lvl.06.12, 19:431lordua06.12, 19:43, by lordua
[Rent][Shop arts][7 battles]06.12, 14:201Lord sekoch06.12, 14:20, by Lord sekoch
[rent] [various lvl12 might arts]06.12, 13:271Hedvig06.12, 13:27, by Hedvig
[Rent][Shop artifacts CL11][ca. 1500g/battle]06.12, 12:311Brunft06.12, 12:31, by Brunft
[Rent] Shop arts for twelve battles06.12, 08:543Lord Alex00001006.12, 11:46, by Lord Alex000010
[Lease][SoM][4x10][1000/combat]06.09, 09:493#7490RADO06.12, 11:44, by #7490RADO
[Lease] [Pendant of despair]06.12, 06:501wie06.12, 06:50, by wie
Need shop arts 7 level06.11, 21:463Lord Shynyvym06.11, 21:58, by #9595merlin36
[Rent][Shop arts][2 battles]06.11, 15:581#7102Kikidada06.11, 15:58, by #7102Kikidada
[Lease] Shop art06.06, 15:315#6118Lord myjuk06.11, 15:51, by #6118Lord myjuk
[Lease][Weapons][50%][1300 gold/combat]06.06, 19:3510Lord alleroy06.11, 09:18, by Lord alleroy
[Lease][Various Enchanted Arts][4x10%-5x12%]05.16, 11:2432Cipa06.10, 08:11, by Cipa
[Lease][Various Enchanted Arts,Thief Set][4x10%-5x10]06.03, 22:3552Lord _force_06.10, 07:25, by Lord _force_
[Lease][ SoM & Thief dagger ][4*10%][1200/1400 gold/btl]02.08, 09:28186Lord LORD_Destruktor06.09, 07:14, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
[Lease] [Ruby gladius] [I10E11A10W10F10][2000 / battle]06.05, 17:323Lord motrun06.08, 16:35, by Lord motrun
SellinG wood06.08, 06:205Lord Billionaire06.08, 11:37, by naapa92
Renting artifacts at low price guranteed06.08, 07:591Lord seanckx06.08, 07:59, by Lord seanckx
[Lease][BB set][GH set][Shop arts]05.29, 05:0711Lord SEREGA-77706.08, 04:42, by ninja9
[Lease][Weapons][5x10% & 4x10%][1,2-2k gold/combat]06.03, 11:374Lord Borgia06.07, 12:29, by Lord Borgia
[sell] amulet or bravery [A1] [2/23]{enchanted}06.06, 17:556#9595Lord rehaanrulz06.06, 19:09, by #9595Lord rehaanrulz
[Lease][Full GREAT HUNTER SET- 3650 gold / battle]06.06, 13:571Utochnik06.06, 13:57, by Utochnik
[Lease] [Sword of might] [I10E10A10W10][1000-1200 / battle]05.23, 07:3031Hedvig06.06, 13:28, by Hedvig
Gh arts06.06, 10:061Lord Saptarshi06.06, 10:06, by Lord Saptarshi
[Lease][Weapons][36-50%][1000-1300] gold/battle06.04, 09:156Lord alleroy06.05, 20:30, by Lord alleroy
[Lease][BB set][4,7k/battle]06.05, 02:569Lisichka6606.05, 13:47, by Lisichka66
[Lease] [BB arts]05.28, 23:129StorminMerlin06.05, 09:10, by StorminMerlin
[Lease][Shop Arts from lvl3 - lvl12][Any number of Combat05.29, 17:429chrisgong2706.05, 07:17, by chrisgong27
[Lease] [Master Hunter Set+Great Hunter set]05.26, 18:3218Collector7906.05, 02:42, by Collector79
[Rent][Shop arts][7 battles]06.04, 05:554coolahed06.04, 08:15, by coolahed

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