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[Rent] All arts for full durability05.08, 16:292Lord artefackt05.09, 19:22, by Lord CrAzY_DePuTaT
[Lease][Thief Set][5000 gold/battle]05.07, 17:395Lord teract05.09, 14:55, by Lord teract
Great hunter set05.09, 13:591#7395PlayandSkillz05.09, 13:59, by #7395PlayandSkillz
[Lease] [Enchanted Shop Weapons/Jewellery]05.07, 08:328Warwick-the-wiz05.09, 11:47, by Warwick-the-wiz
[Lease] MH set05.06, 11:319#88Collector7905.09, 08:41, by #88Collector79
[Lease][Equilibrium blade & Longbow][4x5%][500 gold/batt04.26, 09:4315#7153kwan_waris305.09, 08:33, by #7153kwan_waris3
[Lease] [(almost)All Wizard/Magic shop arts up to lvl 10]01.23, 21:18507#7705Lord naviron05.08, 15:09, by #7705Lord naviron
[Lease][Lvl 3-9 shop artifacts]05.07, 15:387Lord vishnus05.08, 15:07, by Lord vishnus
I will leasing05.08, 11:342Ford_year05.08, 11:36, by Ford_year
[Lease][Various Shop Arts][Any number of Combats]05.01, 11:526chrisgong2705.08, 10:10, by chrisgong27
[Lease] Devil`s axe 5x10 [2500 G/B]05.03, 20:518awiz05.08, 08:14, by awiz
[lease] MH set {1200-2800 gold/battle} with various GH,BB ar04.11, 11:4937elferds05.08, 05:58, by elferds
[Lease][Thief crossbow ][4*10%][1212gold/btl]05.01, 16:187Lord Borgia05.07, 11:41, by Lord Borgia
[Lease][Weapons][36-50%][1,1-1.8k gold/battle]05.04, 11:129Lord alleroy05.06, 19:03, by Lord alleroy
FOR LEASE ENCHANTED ARTIFACTS Very cheap!05.03, 17:066Asesino2105.06, 16:06, by #7153Elven_Lord
[Lease][Weapons][3x7%-4x10%][500-1300/combat]05.04, 08:254CaligulaX05.06, 07:21, by CaligulaX
[Lease][Pit demon`s blade][for Lvl 5+][5x10%][1250 G/B]05.02, 19:027Lady Aluca05.06, 05:52, by Lady Aluca
[Rent me artifacts]05.05, 15:221#8212Lord denis6205.05, 15:22, by #8212Lord denis62
[Lease][Shop arts for ST]04.30, 22:229Bblkycu05.05, 13:55, by Bblkycu
[Lease] [Hunter Set] [800 gold/battle]05.04, 16:102Kolaps05.05, 12:18, by Kolaps
buy05.04, 14:581Ayush505.04, 14:58, by Ayush5
[Rent] Thief cloak05.04, 14:081#7153Wild_Shooter05.04, 14:08, by #7153Wild_Shooter
[Lease][Weapons][36-50%][1,2-2k gold/combat]04.29, 15:1813Lord alleroy05.03, 15:49, by Lord alleroy
[Lease][Various Might & Magic Arts,Thief Set][3x7%-5x10]04.07, 16:08236Lord _force_05.02, 13:23, by Lord _force_
[Lease] Enchanted Arts (some thief)04.29, 11:1512#4201Lord Khellendros05.02, 10:56, by Lord Macsek91
Rent me artifacts05.02, 07:591Lord CrAzY_DePuTaT05.02, 07:59, by Lord CrAzY_DePuTaT
[Lease] Hunter Set [810 gold/battle]04.25, 12:2718#7382Lord smswarez05.01, 07:11, by #7382Lord smswarez
[Lease][BB set][4,7k/battle][GH set][3k/battle]04.21, 17:357Lord SEREGA-77705.01, 06:36, by Lord SEREGA-777
[Lease][Enchanted Arts][Whole day at May 1 game anniversary]04.30, 19:212Lord _force_05.01, 04:38, by Lord _force_
[Lease SoM{E6W6}][500g/battle]04.29, 08:598Mitashjain05.01, 03:54, by Mitashjain

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