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[Lease] [Enchanted Arts/Enchanted sets BB, Thief]05.20, 10:4726Anton-5506.03, 23:28, by Anton-55
[Lease][Various Enchanted Arts,Thief Set][4x10%-5x10]05.26, 06:1685Lord _force_06.03, 21:28, by Lord _force_
[Lease] Devil`s axe [I10E10A10W10F10] 1800/170005.27, 19:0012Lord ksodar06.03, 21:19, by Lord ksodar
[Rent ] artifacts for 4 lvl to 1 fight!06.03, 16:394Lord _GopNIK_06.03, 16:43, by Lord _GopNIK_
[Lease / sell][Ogre club + Dragon's fang][negotiable]05.30, 15:355StorminMerlin06.03, 09:55, by StorminMerlin
[Rent][Shop arts][2 battles]06.02, 20:111Lord sekoch06.02, 20:11, by Lord sekoch
[Lease][GH Set/Thief Set][3700/2800 - combat]05.28, 08:016Lord Arnis-no06.01, 17:38, by Lord Arnis-no
[Rent] [Various Artifacts] [Few Battles]06.01, 10:391Farty_Pants06.01, 10:39, by Farty_Pants
[Lease][Various shop arts][Mage and Might arts 4-7]05.09, 13:0366Bblkycu05.31, 20:31, by Bblkycu
[Lease][Weapons][36-50%][1100-1600 gold/battle]05.22, 10:3910Lord alleroy05.29, 19:21, by Lord alleroy
[Lease] [MH Set]05.22, 23:246viola1705.28, 22:51, by viola17
[lease] [bb arts] [2k / battle for 5]05.25, 11:094StorminMerlin05.28, 11:24, by StorminMerlin
[Lease] [Mithril Longsword] [E10A10W10F10][1250 / battle]05.25, 07:407Pablorenzo05.27, 14:43, by Pablorenzo
[Lease] [Venomancer set] [6k gold/combat]05.06, 15:1725Lord v_i_t_e_k05.27, 08:46, by Lord v_i_t_e_k
I will lease the complete set of the great hunter on one fig05.26, 04:504Velikiy05.27, 05:11, by Lord DragonEater
[Lease] [Great hunter set]05.26, 00:083#88Collector7905.26, 10:24, by #88Collector79
[Lease] MH set05.19, 14:4924#88Collector7905.26, 09:39, by #88Collector79
[Lease][Various Enchanted Arts,Thief Set][4x10%-5x10]05.25, 08:179Lord _force_05.26, 03:17, by Lord _force_
[Lease][Weapons][4x10 & 5x10] [1250-2500/combat]02.01, 03:34464Lord BoJIoD9I05.25, 22:49, by Lord BoJIoD9I
[Lease] [Enchanted Arts]05.02, 05:2470GodMag05.25, 13:47, by GodMag
[Lease][Various Enchanted Arts,Thief Set][4x10%-5x10]05.02, 14:05243Lord _force_05.25, 06:26, by Lord _force_
Beastbane arts to rent05.22, 22:155StorminMerlin05.25, 00:07, by Kiz
[Lease][Weapons][4x10% ][1,2-1,35k gold/combat]05.23, 18:412#7102_Raven_05.24, 05:05, by #7153Flour
[Lease][Enchanted Magic & Might Arts]05.21, 10:047Erekose05.24, 05:04, by #7153Flour
[Lease][Shop Arts from lvl3 - lvl12][Any number of Combats]05.22, 17:543chrisgong2705.24, 04:50, by #7153Flour
[Lease] Shop arts05.22, 15:484Cosa_Nostra05.24, 04:44, by #7153Flour
[Lease][Shop Arts]04.06, 03:26147#7153Flour05.23, 22:22, by #7153Flour
[Lease] [Sword of might] [I10E10A10W10][1200/combat]05.22, 10:592Hedvig05.22, 11:00, by Hedvig
[Lease] [Sword of might] [I10E10A10W10][1000/combat]05.12, 14:2217Hedvig05.22, 10:11, by Hedvig
[Lease] [Full Hunter Set] [Limited no. of combats, 5]05.20, 14:288joechue05.22, 01:50, by joechue

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