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[Lease] [Master Hunter Set] [1900 gold/battle]04.14, 08:042syndrack04.14, 08:05, by syndrack
Renting fullarts on 9 lvl 1 battle04.13, 13:524Lord linkoln0904.13, 14:00, by Lord linkoln09
[Lease][Weapons][4x9-10%] [1000-1100/combat]04.13, 06:131Kontrakt04.13, 06:13, by Kontrakt
[Lease][Pit demon`s blade][for Lvl 5+][5x10%][1250 G/B]04.12, 07:561Lady Aluca04.12, 07:56, by Lady Aluca
[Lease][Sword of might]04.12, 06:141Lord Winstom04.12, 06:14, by Lord Winstom
[Lease] Thief dagger [E10A10W10F10][1250] and 12-+ items04.10, 17:302Lord Woosh04.11, 09:40, by Lord Woosh
[Lease][Lvl 3-8 shop artifacts]04.10, 10:461Lord -ELFIUS-04.10, 10:46, by Lord -ELFIUS-
[Lease][Enchanted Magic & Might Arts]04.10, 05:351Erekose04.10, 05:35, by Erekose
[Lease][Shop arts]04.07, 17:053Lord single04.09, 22:44, by Lord single
[Rent] Arts for 3 lvl04.09, 16:323spe11y04.09, 19:56, by spe11y
[lease]arts for 1-4 lvl04.09, 14:261mecheni04.09, 14:26, by mecheni
[Lease] Enchanted and Normal Shop Arts04.02, 17:1321Lord shawnanston04.08, 17:30, by Lord shawnanston
[Lease][ Shop Arts 5-10lvl ]04.08, 13:472Lord -ELFIUS-04.08, 15:17, by Lord -ELFIUS-
[Lease][Various Shop Arts][Any number of Combats]04.03, 11:095chrisgong2704.08, 11:10, by chrisgong27
[Lease][Pit demon`s blade][for Lvl 5+][5x10%][1250 G/B]04.04, 10:114Lady Aluca04.08, 08:56, by Lady Aluca
[Rent] full warrior arts for 7 lvl04.07, 21:191Lord tataram04.07, 21:19, by Lord tataram
[Lease][Weapons][4x9-10%] [1100-1200/combat]04.03, 21:084Kontrakt04.07, 21:12, by Kontrakt
[Lease][Shop Arts]04.06, 01:553xWounded04.07, 15:48, by Lord Edwin1908
[Lease] [Enchanted Arts&Sets] [5x10% & 4x10%]03.19, 11:36175Lord _force_04.07, 13:54, by Lord _force_
[Lease] [GH Set ] [2225/combat]04.04, 14:083keneret04.07, 11:24, by keneret
[Lease][Sword of might][160/b]04.05, 00:503#7153Flour04.05, 18:00, by #7153Flour
[Lease][Bow of midnight still][5x12%][3k gold/combat]02.05, 18:28167#7490overclocker04.05, 04:41, by #4201Lord Pantheon
[Lease][1-6 lvl ammunition]04.03, 08:532Lord aremun04.04, 17:43, by #7153Flour
[lease] MH set and GH,BB arrows{1400-2100 gold/battle}03.27, 13:3212elferds04.04, 17:41, by #7153Flour
[Lease][Various arts][Any number of combats]02.07, 07:5389Fes04.04, 12:21, by Fes
[Lease][Shop Arts]03.03, 17:50104#7153Flour04.03, 14:15, by #7153Flour
[Lease][Enchanted Weapons][750-2000 / Combat]02.07, 19:5680#7153Lord MrHellRaiser04.01, 02:45, by Lord Edwin1908
[Take] Set a mercenary - a war03.31, 16:402Lord adobe03.31, 16:42, by Dan-Panic
[Lease]MH set 1100-1650 gold/battle03.31, 15:391AXEPOH66603.31, 15:39, by AXEPOH666
[Lease][BB set][6k/combat]01.14, 22:13299#7490overclocker03.29, 20:03, by naapa92

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