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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
vulgar language use and insults06.18, 22:102gastroenterolog06.18, 22:20, by gastroenterolog
Insulting in Battle Chat06.12, 02:553Lord Valdemort06.14, 22:30, by #728Murali
Insulting in hunt06.08, 15:181Armata06.08, 15:18, by Armata
AFK05.30, 04:053Armata05.31, 15:02, by ElvishW
afk in battle05.29, 20:081molstesss05.29, 20:08, by molstesss
afk in magical clouds05.29, 03:232skilled_padla05.29, 03:26, by skilled_padla
Afk05.28, 14:242cargo45605.28, 14:33, by cargo456
Rude word05.25, 06:112Lmy05.25, 08:38, by Lord richies
insult05.23, 23:041nima_cruel05.23, 23:04, by nima_cruel
Intentional lose05.23, 17:081Lord richies05.23, 17:08, by Lord richies
intentional afk05.23, 14:121KOF Z05.23, 14:12, by KOF Z
Intention Delay in Tavern - by Magari-Super05.15, 19:101#9595basion205.15, 19:10, by #9595basion2
Rude word.04.10, 18:054guyddguy05.15, 09:49, by веселый студент
Really tired of being insulted in battles by Russians...05.08, 02:283Derelict05.12, 20:01, by siddi1111
Intentionally delaying card game05.11, 01:211DarwenAward05.11, 01:21, by DarwenAward
afker start hunt05.08, 16:231KOF Z05.08, 16:23, by KOF Z
Bad insults05.02, 12:222KOF Z05.06, 13:35, by #728Murali
Lord Mahendra_11 : Intentional AFK05.02, 13:542imsunny205.03, 12:01, by Lord Mahendra_11
Spearmen says Rude words[RUS]04.30, 17:123PrettyElf04.30, 19:37, by PrettyElf
swearing and general rudeness in combat04.30, 04:073#7705death2all04.30, 09:37, by siddi1111
Bad sportsmaship - another cheater04.29, 08:551Spat1304.29, 08:55, by Spat13
Bad sportsmaship - cheating04.28, 22:101Yuvraz04.28, 22:10, by Yuvraz
insults in battle chat04.26, 23:511Lord Hallion9104.26, 23:51, by Lord Hallion91
Afk in hunt04.23, 23:291Paha_Matu04.23, 23:29, by Paha_Matu
Attacking me during hunt04.21, 21:441BitchFAPlease04.21, 21:44, by BitchFAPlease
Bad sportsmanship.04.21, 17:271Inasyah04.21, 17:27, by Inasyah
afk in hunt04.21, 12:261sandman114204.21, 12:26, by sandman1142
Afk.04.20, 18:191guydddguy04.20, 18:19, by guydddguy
asspid, bad sportsmanship04.19, 22:441Lord selfist04.19, 22:44, by Lord selfist
Abusing me04.19, 16:324H2SO304.19, 16:44, by vicky666

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