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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
wait to play winning card05.24, 20:591DoomStJohn05.24, 20:59, by DoomStJohn
Afk during comined hunt05.11, 16:311Necrysis05.11, 16:31, by Necrysis
Noob movements and then afk05.09, 19:052Necrysis05.09, 19:11, by Necrysis
intentional AFK05.01, 09:281lbpabpab05.01, 09:28, by lbpabpab
tavern04.29, 16:551-Vinner-04.29, 16:55, by -Vinner-
Battle Violation04.26, 18:057TheKnightsss04.27, 00:49, by TheKnightsss
Used vulgar language in group battle04.23, 17:281helllen keller04.23, 17:28, by helllen keller
Battle Violation04.23, 16:582#7279wysheselina04.23, 17:03, by #7279wysheselina
insult.04.22, 12:061sumitposoab04.22, 12:06, by sumitposoab
Deliberate waiting04.20, 17:171ayush2004.20, 17:17, by ayush20
Battle Violation04.15, 09:323TheKnightsss04.15, 12:19, by Fabos
Insult and afk04.10, 16:483Syvrus04.10, 17:10, by Black Fog
Intentional afk - chuch04.09, 17:351Pengu04.09, 17:35, by Pengu
Insults04.09, 14:021Reaper_04.09, 14:02, by Reaper_
Bad Sportsmanship03.31, 10:531Iron__Man03.31, 10:53, by Iron__Man
Intentional AFK - Flauer03.25, 09:472Usbeorn03.25, 09:53, by Usbeorn
Losing battle in Paired tourney on purpose03.22, 13:453Fabos03.22, 14:35, by Wonderla
Insult in fight.03.19, 22:424#4201_Sworks_03.20, 20:56, by #728Murali
insult.03.17, 16:362guyddguy03.17, 16:41, by guyddguy
Battle Violation03.12, 03:161TheKnightsss03.12, 03:16, by TheKnightsss
insult.03.09, 11:571guyddguy03.09, 11:57, by guyddguy
cry craven03.05, 03:015#3346Fosb03.07, 15:06, by #3346Fosb
A lot of insults from the player lsdkz in my battle03.05, 19:011Merlin4003.05, 19:01, by Merlin40
Insult chat in Group battle03.02, 23:193TheKnightsss03.04, 01:32, by #1209Edwin
Not respecting Min ap in group battle description.02.26, 14:542#7705D-Rock02.26, 15:40, by Purgatory
Intentional delay in ambush02.09, 22:421LORDKUSHU02.09, 22:42, by LORDKUSHU
Misuse of Wizard faction to attack on me in same team ...! :(02.08, 11:543Preyash_shah02.08, 15:37, by Poison Ivy
Insults02.03, 01:301#4201Corey02.03, 01:30, by #4201Corey
Marinade in the Tavern01.27, 00:253od3ssa01.27, 11:26, by Lord Hallion91
in battle vulgar and obscene language01.26, 13:342catastraFy01.26, 16:37, by Stupefy

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