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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Insult in combat.01.12, 14:152bogkick01.12, 14:19, by DDAmnAddmins
Insult in combat + Intentional delay in combat01.10, 13:111Sheamus01.10, 13:11, by Sheamus
Insult in combat01.09, 14:186Redreign01.09, 14:58, by Redreign
Time Violation in Card Game01.09, 08:051seanckx01.09, 08:05, by seanckx
Bad language in combat01.05, 16:171imsunny401.05, 16:17, by imsunny4
Insult in combat12.31, 14:542Redreign01.03, 05:05, by Redreign
Illicit sexual solicitation during combat12.30, 14:532sexy_girlz198912.30, 14:54, by sexy_girlz1989
bad sportsmanship12.28, 16:321Lady sofiouta12.28, 16:32, by Lady sofiouta
insult in combat12.26, 13:341Ms Laser12.26, 13:34, by Ms Laser
rude word12.18, 14:455bogkick12.19, 16:37, by DDAmnAddmins
Violation in Battle12.15, 07:241Mzy12.15, 07:24, by Mzy
using fould language in combat12.13, 08:491youare12.13, 08:49, by youare
Intentionally delaying a game12.04, 23:091a100812.04, 23:09, by a1008
using foul words in combat..12.03, 16:321airtel12.03, 16:32, by airtel
Intentionally delaying a game12.01, 17:572#4201virtual_vitrea12.01, 17:58, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Can help with the play like this?11.25, 17:542bogkick11.29, 11:53, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Foul Language and Attacking Team mate11.25, 16:381Mzy11.25, 16:38, by Mzy
Insults in a tavern11.24, 02:261LordAlexZhel11.24, 02:26, by LordAlexZhel
foul language in combat11.21, 17:152Mycroft11.21, 17:18, by Mycroft
dude is wasting my time11.15, 20:411autism fairy11.15, 20:41, by autism fairy
Insult in combat11.03, 03:412Lady sofiouta11.03, 03:46, by Lady sofiouta
Insult in combat09.17, 14:503Slust11.02, 19:46, by Slust
Just check what is he do.....try to disturb me.10.24, 15:425bogkick11.02, 19:18, by #17Beliar
Attacking Ally in Cross Contest10.02, 15:232AKA11.02, 19:01, by #17Beliar
AFK in combat11.02, 00:161IsabellaFrost11.02, 00:16, by IsabellaFrost
Teamwork in Free for All10.19, 17:145IsabellaFrost10.20, 00:24, by Ipsen
On Purpose AFK10.16, 06:563awesome130910.17, 06:52, by awesome1309
insults in a tavern10.15, 18:1511110.15, 18:15, by 11
bad sportsmanship10.12, 00:251#7705Silent110.12, 00:25, by #7705Silent1
Bad language10.10, 23:221Cersei10.10, 23:22, by Cersei

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