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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Insult in card game04.26, 12:142LordAlexZhel04.26, 21:06, by #7490Meshy
Afk04.23, 00:233#4201virtual_vitrea04.26, 10:16, by #4201virtual_vitrea
flood in somebody else's game04.26, 02:321Lady sofiouta04.26, 02:32, by Lady sofiouta
Bad sportmanship04.09, 08:481Bheem04.09, 08:48, by Bheem
afk in commanders guild battle04.05, 16:472agent_00404.06, 15:41, by #7490Meshy
Bad moves in Duo Hunt04.05, 06:061Cric3z5255704.05, 06:06, by Cric3z52557
Insult in combat03.27, 19:251Haldin03.27, 19:25, by Haldin
Insult in combat03.23, 19:532Haldin03.27, 17:01, by #17Beliar
Bad sportmanship03.25, 10:011Bheem03.25, 10:01, by Bheem
AFK in tournament03.25, 09:331Menetekel03.25, 09:33, by Menetekel
bad language in combat03.23, 13:571Lady sofiouta03.23, 13:57, by Lady sofiouta
Intentional AFK03.19, 04:061Skoczek03.19, 04:06, by Skoczek
wasting time03.17, 19:551phoenix2203.17, 19:55, by phoenix22
Abusing during combat03.15, 15:521k9isback03.15, 15:52, by k9isback
Intentional delay in combat03.12, 09:471Usbeorn03.12, 09:47, by Usbeorn
Team in Every One For oneself03.07, 18:523MasterT03.07, 21:28, by #7490Meshy
bad language in battle03.05, 01:191Lady sofiouta03.05, 01:19, by Lady sofiouta
Intentional loss / Staged combat in Tournament?03.04, 18:351Menetekel03.04, 18:35, by Menetekel
Intentional loss03.03, 09:401#7490Feeniksi03.03, 09:40, by #7490Feeniksi
flood in somebody else's game02.25, 06:461Lady sofiouta02.25, 06:46, by Lady sofiouta
insults (?) in battle02.24, 21:372guyb02.24, 22:24, by #7490Meshy
insult in tavern02.21, 03:281Lady sofiouta02.21, 03:28, by Lady sofiouta
Insult in combat.02.14, 16:101bogkick02.14, 16:10, by bogkick
Intentionally Delaying Battle02.12, 03:101#7490iwinulose02.12, 03:10, by #7490iwinulose
Poor Sportsmanship02.11, 16:271Dense02.11, 16:27, by Dense
nemo211 - Bad Sportsmanship02.05, 16:341Usbeorn02.05, 16:34, by Usbeorn
call me noob T_T02.01, 14:422DDAmnAddmins02.01, 19:18, by #7490MrBattleControl
Insult in combat01.20, 12:031#7490Luffy01.20, 12:03, by #7490Luffy
Intentionally Delaying Battle01.17, 23:513Redreign01.18, 12:09, by Redreign
tavern insult01.13, 06:533DoomStJohn01.13, 06:55, by DoomStJohn

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