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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Player afk09.22, 06:301nicolas1909.22, 06:30, by nicolas19
it was 5v1 free for all.09.09, 13:424knight2109.10, 00:28, by grif
Intentional suicide/assist of the other team09.02, 14:185TheNoobieOne09.07, 08:51, by TheNoobieOne
You Stuped - Insult in battle09.02, 19:022#928kchong09.02, 22:07, by Dark-Ninja_lord
Reporting the Reporter09.01, 17:388#928kchong09.02, 12:28, by #928kchong
set up combat09.02, 11:261HAYATE ARMY09.02, 11:26, by HAYATE ARMY
Joining an assisted hunt and then going AFK08.21, 06:051Ryric08.21, 06:05, by Ryric
Free for all battle everyone goes for me without even a message anywhere08.05, 10:203HAYATE ARMY08.05, 20:28, by HAYATE ARMY
Crazy, racist opponent in CG, taunts me, wants to 1v1 me and insults08.03, 16:415#928kchong08.04, 00:52, by #9595Acean
Insults in combat chat ( and PM afterwards)07.29, 06:552#7490wizard_apih08.03, 14:32, by Santremus
Time Wasting in card tournament07.23, 17:274#928kchong07.24, 12:48, by #928kchong
not fair play07.19, 20:321Fortunato07.19, 20:32, by Fortunato
Insult in combat07.18, 15:121oHallico07.18, 15:12, by oHallico
Player afk07.17, 11:131grif07.17, 11:13, by grif
Intentional loss06.20, 01:211B-D06.20, 01:21, by B-D
AFK in event game.06.14, 23:351PandaSleeps06.14, 23:35, by PandaSleeps
throwing elf06.06, 10:071#4201virtual_vitrea06.06, 10:07, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Insult in Combat05.30, 11:371k9isback05.30, 11:37, by k9isback
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?war id=106077251505.17, 01:191jjjacky05.17, 01:19, by jjjacky
Insult in combat chat05.11, 15:521#9595Acean05.11, 15:52, by #9595Acean
Deliberate time wasting in card tournament05.07, 12:551#9595Acean05.07, 12:55, by #9595Acean
Intentionally AFK in Group Battle04.25, 13:531#9595yashu1232304.25, 13:53, by #9595yashu12323
Intentional AFK in CG04.06, 05:241#4201virtual_vitrea04.06, 05:24, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Losing on purpose04.04, 21:412Marquis Thornwald04.04, 21:45, by Marquis Thornwald
Insult in combat04.04, 20:321Marquis Thornwald04.04, 20:32, by Marquis Thornwald
Intentional Suiciding02.13, 08:553Bunnie02.13, 09:00, by Bunnie
Intentional Delay02.06, 22:121#1209Uncle Psycho02.06, 22:12, by #1209Uncle Psycho
Poor sportsmanship01.27, 09:011Ukak01.27, 09:01, by Ukak
Pllayer AFK Intentionally in CG01.16, 19:211The One Ring01.16, 19:21, by The One Ring
Player afk01.09, 15:461#7490y0Junior01.09, 15:46, by #7490y0Junior

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