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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
bad language, insults10.05, 20:291Lady sofiouta10.05, 20:29, by Lady sofiouta
Bad language in a card game.09.30, 23:332dimrill09.30, 23:33, by dimrill
Intentional afk -Multiple battles09.24, 11:011Murali09.24, 11:01, by Murali
Playing badly intentionally and using foul language09.23, 19:501Baekhyunnie09.23, 19:50, by Baekhyunnie
Insult in Combat09.02, 19:501Ipsen09.02, 19:50, by Ipsen
insult in combat08.28, 11:121#3975uropek08.28, 11:12, by #3975uropek
insult in combat08.24, 18:211#3975uropek08.24, 18:21, by #3975uropek
foul language in tavern chat08.10, 05:201DoomStJohn08.10, 05:20, by DoomStJohn
Racism + Verbal Abuse08.03, 22:071Ipsen08.03, 22:07, by Ipsen
bots in the Tavern07.17, 03:4010сидижди08.03, 10:51, by #17Beliar
Insult + intentional loss07.27, 22:412IComeInPeace07.27, 22:44, by IComeInPeace
Insult in combat07.24, 17:531#7490RADO07.24, 17:53, by #7490RADO
Intentional loss07.21, 22:161Ipsen07.21, 22:16, by Ipsen
Verbal Abuse + Racism07.20, 22:361Ipsen07.20, 22:36, by Ipsen
intentional afk during battle07.18, 22:121sproess07.18, 22:12, by sproess
Multiple Characters in Combat07.09, 18:282Shadeslayer07.09, 18:30, by Shadeslayer
An insult during a fight.07.06, 05:262r32007.06, 05:34, by r320
personal insults in the Tavern07.05, 12:261сидижди07.05, 12:26, by сидижди
insult in combat06.27, 19:141#3975uropek06.27, 19:14, by #3975uropek
lost on purpose and dragging the game06.17, 09:371ghati06.17, 09:37, by ghati
tavern insult06.17, 05:152DoomStJohn06.17, 05:21, by DoomStJohn
insult in combat06.10, 11:182Abome06.10, 11:19, by Abome
Bad Sportmanship06.09, 17:581appu06.09, 17:58, by appu
insult in combat06.09, 11:321Lady sofiouta06.09, 11:32, by Lady sofiouta
insults during combat06.05, 21:311Mamasan06.05, 21:31, by Mamasan
insults during combat06.05, 16:372guyb06.05, 16:58, by guyb
tavern insult/rudeness05.31, 06:221DoomStJohn05.31, 06:22, by DoomStJohn
teaming in everyone for oneself battle05.18, 15:042MAX ELF05.19, 00:23, by #7490Meshy
tavern insult/rudeness05.18, 04:561DoomStJohn05.18, 04:56, by DoomStJohn
Insult in Battle05.17, 22:352TheKnightsss05.17, 23:17, by TheKnightsss

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