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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Intentional feeding + afk.09.11, 08:421Zedilah09.11, 08:42, by Zedilah
Lost on purpose in CG09.10, 22:531Lord Started09.10, 22:53, by Lord Started
OFEND09.10, 17:314valeriu1009.10, 17:59, by Bheem
intentional loss09.01, 19:362gmt325gh09.01, 19:38, by gmt325gh
troller in tournement08.30, 23:412Mathijs08.31, 10:17, by blade-the 1st
Insult08.22, 23:362LoveGame08.26, 20:28, by LoveGame
insult08.13, 14:473ANOim08.13, 15:16, by ANOim
Afk in CG battle08.08, 18:041Skoczek08.08, 18:04, by Skoczek
begging for money07.30, 18:363Hi Im Gosu08.02, 10:39, by Murali
Portal of Time teammate with no troops07.29, 19:403Necrysis07.31, 20:10, by Risey
unfair teaming in quick tournament !!!!!07.22, 14:332#7705jackdawkins07.22, 15:20, by Usbeorn
Intentional Delaying07.22, 13:271ayush2007.22, 13:27, by ayush20
Begging me to lose07.17, 09:203Tupacisback07.18, 11:28, by Tupacisback
attack my troop by plague shot 4 times in his hunt.07.03, 18:081Platinummeteor07.03, 18:08, by Platinummeteor
coolahead - Intentional Delay and Insults in Tavern06.23, 20:021Sir3141606.23, 20:02, by Sir31416
Swearing in transfer log by coolahead06.23, 16:581ElfPride06.23, 16:58, by ElfPride
Intentional Afk06.20, 06:461thomas1406.20, 06:46, by thomas14
Afk in survilurg06.19, 15:062FlameShower06.20, 03:47, by S_Nobelium
Insult06.12, 21:391lovlyjohn06.12, 21:39, by lovlyjohn
Intentional delay in ambush06.10, 10:382LORDKUSHU06.10, 10:43, by LORDKUSHU
Battle Violation06.09, 16:081Awesome199306.09, 16:08, by Awesome1993
unknown person insult in game06.09, 09:142Lord Mahendra_1106.09, 09:29, by Lord Mahendra_11
The One Ring-Insult in Battlechat06.01, 15:022Lord Angons06.01, 15:20, by The One Ring
Insult05.29, 16:052lovlyjohn05.29, 20:01, by lovlyjohn
wait to play winning card05.24, 20:591DoomStJohn05.24, 20:59, by DoomStJohn
Afk during comined hunt05.11, 16:311Necrysis05.11, 16:31, by Necrysis
Noob movements and then afk05.09, 19:052Necrysis05.09, 19:11, by Necrysis
intentional AFK05.01, 09:281lbpabpab05.01, 09:28, by lbpabpab
tavern04.29, 16:551-Vinner-04.29, 16:55, by -Vinner-
Battle Violation04.26, 18:057TheKnightsss04.27, 00:49, by TheKnightsss

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