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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Intentional AFK + insulted in russian?01.24, 02:583LITWIN01.26, 11:19, by PrettyElf
Insulted in russian during battle01.11, 15:371Derelict01.11, 15:37, by Derelict
insult01.11, 00:351XORA_HAMYAK01.11, 00:35, by XORA_HAMYAK
insult01.04, 14:073KOF Z01.04, 17:21, by #728Murali
Rude language and insults in group battle12.26, 10:495Rudr12.26, 19:18, by Lord Hallion91
intentional delaying12.18, 02:031gmt325gh12.18, 02:03, by gmt325gh
intentional lose and rude language12.17, 12:302#7705Lord Magistrus12.17, 13:25, by #7705Lord Magistrus
insults in battle11.26, 01:011guyb11.26, 01:01, by guyb
Insults during battle11.24, 16:461meandog11.24, 16:46, by meandog
insult.11.12, 16:153sumitposoab11.14, 13:21, by lipsagar
Intentional AFK11.11, 18:401Shahmeran11.11, 18:40, by Shahmeran
insult in battle11.11, 17:002Bartek00911.11, 17:04, by Bartek009
AFK11.08, 16:412ayush2011.11, 14:12, by #7705Lawton
Insult in russian11.07, 01:222#9595Tony11.07, 13:38, by #9595Tony
staged combat10.31, 08:271Cric3z5255710.31, 08:27, by Cric3z52557
Playing CG without upgrades, lack of sportsmanship.10.27, 09:491#4201virtual_vitrea10.27, 09:49, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Bother.10.15, 18:211sumitposoab10.15, 18:21, by sumitposoab
Duplicate Account10.04, 07:356TheKnightsss10.07, 11:31, by #276Beliar
Insult in the card game.10.03, 08:243guyddguy10.03, 08:37, by guyddguy
Insults + Deliberate afk09.15, 04:152#4201virtual_vitrea09.28, 20:28, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Abuse from _DarK_Blood_09.27, 22:552Wizy09.28, 00:18, by Lord Hallion91
Afk in the battle09.24, 08:562Port Neverland09.24, 15:53, by #276Beliar
DopPersonazh1 - Insulting07.31, 23:033Holy Templar09.23, 13:55, by #276Beliar
Complaints on staged:09.20, 22:484Jordan1909.22, 12:30, by siddi1111
AFK.09.14, 17:034guyddguy09.15, 17:22, by Lord Hallion91
Insult in forum09.13, 01:293TheKnightsss09.13, 18:01, by Anony-mouse
On purpose AFK when seems like loosing. Mentioned same in chat09.11, 08:441sainisahab09.11, 08:44, by sainisahab
Afking + intentional give up.09.05, 21:492#4201virtual_vitrea09.07, 10:05, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Intentional delay in tavern09.02, 22:311MrOnion09.02, 22:31, by MrOnion
Intensional Violations08.26, 17:153TheKnightsss09.02, 21:15, by Rendijs789

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