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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Insulted in russian in battle12.01, 13:281Ipsen12.01, 13:28, by Ipsen
Bad play.11.28, 14:401bogkick11.28, 14:40, by bogkick
Intentional afk/delaying11.26, 17:412ayush2011.26, 17:45, by ayush20
AFK [leshy21]11.24, 18:071Loafoant11.24, 18:07, by Loafoant
swearing in combat11.19, 04:194wizardboy11.21, 05:38, by wizardboy
Bad sportsmanship11.15, 18:331#9595Elvian11.15, 18:33, by #9595Elvian
Lord Morgot - obscene11.12, 23:151#7490AzagToth11.12, 23:15, by #7490AzagToth
lolathon insults11.12, 09:401Nyotengu11.12, 09:40, by Nyotengu
Delaying in battle11.08, 18:231GoalkeeperAnsar11.08, 18:23, by GoalkeeperAnsar
Offensive in battle11.01, 19:221Slust11.01, 19:22, by Slust
Delaying in battle11.01, 14:122caduto11.01, 16:59, by Murali
Rude word.10.31, 17:041sickduck10.31, 17:04, by sickduck
Afk on start battle.10.18, 06:401Destructira10.18, 06:40, by Destructira
Delaying in battle10.16, 21:281GoalkeeperAnsar10.16, 21:28, by GoalkeeperAnsar
intentional loss10.15, 10:151Master of Bones10.15, 10:15, by Master of Bones
Purpose afk after losing the battle10.15, 04:301Syvrus10.15, 04:30, by Syvrus
intentional afk10.14, 09:511Skarbonke10.14, 09:51, by Skarbonke
intentional loss10.12, 19:051#3975uropek10.12, 19:05, by #3975uropek
Insult + Afk10.07, 19:022Ipsen10.08, 06:42, by Murali
Intentional delaying10.07, 11:131Lord Almer10.07, 11:13, by Lord Almer
tavern insults and delay10.04, 06:131DoomStJohn10.04, 06:13, by DoomStJohn
tavern insult09.25, 09:021DoomStJohn09.25, 09:02, by DoomStJohn
Unfair Battle09.20, 13:283Linionz09.20, 14:21, by cyberclops
Bad Sportsmanship09.19, 23:571Aipysuimtai09.19, 23:57, by Aipysuimtai
Afk on purpose in CG battle09.19, 17:102Skoczek09.19, 17:13, by Skoczek
Intentional delaying09.18, 11:291Skoczek09.18, 11:29, by Skoczek
Staged combat09.15, 15:531Ipsen09.15, 15:53, by Ipsen
Wizard taking out all my troops in hunt09.12, 17:571schylake09.12, 17:57, by schylake
Lost on purpose in CG09.11, 22:191Lord Started09.11, 22:19, by Lord Started
Intentional feeding + afk.09.11, 08:421Zedilah09.11, 08:42, by Zedilah

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