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Complaints and applications - Violations in tavern and battles


Topic Date
Author Last message
Intentional afk and delay in battle10.22, 18:301FredySky10.22, 18:30, by FredySky
Insult in combat10.20, 04:213chakkal200110.20, 23:31, by chakkal2001
Intentional afk in battle10.06, 18:431SHadyReaper10.06, 18:43, by SHadyReaper
Insult in combat09.24, 20:511Slust09.24, 20:51, by Slust
Abandoning game in CG.09.21, 14:262#4201virtual_vitrea09.21, 14:27, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Vector23 deliberate time wasting in tavern09.16, 11:491#9595Acean09.16, 11:49, by #9595Acean
маринад в таверне09.13, 10:212od3ssa09.13, 19:42, by #7490Meshy
Intentional delay and afk in thief ambush09.10, 14:261Shiningstarr09.10, 14:26, by Shiningstarr
Intentional delay in the game09.08, 07:111#1519myevan209.08, 07:11, by #1519myevan2
Insult in combat09.02, 21:551Slust09.02, 21:55, by Slust
Insults in combat08.30, 23:293Aurelija09.02, 00:26, by Ipsen
Insult in combat08.27, 18:211FredySky08.27, 18:21, by FredySky
Ugly speech in CG battle 208.04, 11:141#7490AzagToth08.04, 11:14, by #7490AzagToth
Ugly speech in CG battle07.28, 19:292#7490AzagToth07.30, 19:20, by #15Beliar
Insults and Shifting Blame in CG07.26, 12:162seanckx07.26, 18:48, by #7490Meshy
Just block this character thanks07.17, 02:234Frank-Lampard07.19, 01:47, by Wonderla
Insults and Abusive Language in event battle07.05, 14:326Hello_lwm07.07, 16:22, by Hello_lwm
Insult Me In Message And Combact.06.21, 23:205___Nikos__07.01, 13:00, by #15Beliar
Breaking game rules06.23, 23:175JULIEE06.24, 22:49, by JULIEE
Player AFK for 1st 9 minute off battle06.16, 18:381grif06.16, 18:38, by grif
Tavern Insult06.10, 20:142DoomStJohn06.10, 23:38, by #7490Meshy
Tavern Insult06.06, 06:582SPACE HARRIER06.06, 11:00, by #7490Meshy
Insult in Combat05.23, 19:151kulala05.23, 19:15, by kulala
Intentional Loss by both Team Mates by Various Means - 3 X 3 PVP.05.20, 12:301Vurdmeister05.20, 12:30, by Vurdmeister
Insult in combat05.03, 00:471Slust05.03, 00:47, by Slust
intentional lose by afk04.27, 09:101BigEvil04.27, 09:10, by BigEvil
Acxa2 throwing game in CG04.23, 20:383#4201virtual_vitrea04.25, 04:31, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Intentionally tried to make us lose battle04.20, 07:551ElfPride04.20, 07:55, by ElfPride
Insults in combat04.17, 01:101Bfriudo04.17, 01:10, by Bfriudo
Insult in Personal Info04.07, 07:442Optimus - Prime04.07, 10:13, by Cupcake

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