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AuthorEverything about .ru
next war will be with steppe barbarians.
on last event - with auto 4x4 battles, my .ru character received 818k exp and 337 skill point in 97 battles in three days.

i wonder some day we will have that auto battles here on .com :D
New event

Pervyi nah!
Google translation:

Search Portal

Worried about the recent mysterious attacks in custody, the court magician Abu Bakr for several weeks studying manuscripts and chronicles of the Imperial Library in search of answers. Already, the governor grams initially volunteered to help in this difficult matter, quietly left alone with his magician wandering among the pages of the history of shabby thinking. Himself Abu Bakr could not help thinking that he was painfully aware of all these characters in armor guards and guards, these bolts and helmets crossbowmen light and sun, and even the patterns on mantles of novices and vestals. Strange feeling that he already knows the answer, but is hidden somewhere in the depths of his memory, and at the same time worried magician, and gave him strength for further searches. Suddenly, subtract something at the next parchment, the magician suddenly jumped up, violating the peace of the library the flying out of his mouth illegible word. Throwing all, Abu Bakr swiftly toward the door. He found what he sought - the key to his memories. And now all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together, vyrisovav in his head picture. Even in distant youth, a disciple of magic Academy, Abu Bakr wrote to research on the subject of mysterious attacks on the Empire more than 100 years ago. Then we found out that the attackers belong to the troops destroyed about 400 years ago, the faction of the Knights of the Sun. The historic role of these knights was pretty ambiguous. But the magician is not at all interested, and a mysterious phenomenon that allowed the Knights of the sun to penetrate into another era. It was a rift in space time continuum distorting and, presumably, allows to overcome the age-old face for a few moments. Of course, then no one dared to test the theory in practice, and indeed the fault, tentatively called the portal of time, was closed before he could be fully investigated. When Abu Bakr rushed to Grammitu, his eyes glowed in anticipation of their own eyes to behold this unique phenomenon. And though the magician with only third time managed to pick the right words to communicate clearly to explain, the governor did not hesitate and immediately announced an urgent duty. If the portal of time is still open - it needs urgently to find!

Heroes, thanks to the efforts of Abu Bakr became known that the recent attacks is long destroyed fraction of the Knights of the Sun, who managed to get in our time through a portal of time. Voivod Grammy calls upon all heroes to patrol Imperial ground to find out where the origin of the Knights of the Sun. The theory of court magician, detachments of the Knights of the sun scattered all over the empire, and where these groups the most, presumably, will be a temporary fault. Voivod has developed a plan and calls on all the Heroes of the 5th Combat level to cooperate and to patrol the sector by sector, cleaning squads of areas. Thus, the location of the portal will be found by process of elimination.

In the battle!
i don't fully understand ? what is this about ?
*sigh*....another new events =/
(like we had undead, demon and rebel)
currently online: 18384
New event and a good 1 :) So many player to fight a camp
Can any 1 provide those sun knight troops ability in English
Why do the units do spread damage like EFK's or sprites?? And, ive seen the bears move like 15 spaces even though they have a speed of 7, so can someone give me the page about them (in english) and why the move so fast??
the bears move like 15 spaces even though they have a speed of 7,

dwarf's special racial ability: rune magic

one of the runes can double the stack of creature's movement for 1 action.
"Sigh" ?? If you want that event, your welcome to play it. I told all you guys to change server 2 years ago aleady.. Yet your still here sighing :P
I did not read the translated abilty descriptions. But let me help you there. there are 4 different Types of units + their upgrades (except grif).

1. Grifon of Light
- slower version of a grif, can dive, unlimited retal. its also stronger (~70hp)
- Upgraded Version: doesnt exist// I saw no differences

2. Pikemen// Sun Soldiers
- Basic infantry. the share a part of the damage that adjacent troops receive.
- UUpgraded Version: Special retaliation (once). If you attack something and move beneath a Sun Soldiers at the same time, the Sun soldier will join the retaliation against you. (=retal assist)

3. Crossbowmen reloaded
- Not sure if they have ranged penalty (i think no)
-upgraded version: through shot

4. Maiden
- special: Can move outside of Kitchen. Also revive dead allies once (like archangels)
-upgraded: just stronger
Can move outside of Kitchen -- what exactly does this mean ???
Can move outside of Kitchen -- what exactly does this mean ???

Sarcasm, or the fact that they move super slow...
4. Maiden
-upgraded: just stronger

I think their attack and/or retaliate will blind enemy
Maidens do have a chance to blind or an effect that looks similar to it. I saw someone using a full master hunter set in these battles. Does the hunter set bonus work in this event? I didnt think it would.
Does the hunter set bonus work in this event?

Yes it does, because enemy creatures in this event aren't leaden by any hero (even AI) and are neutral. On the other hand, wizards ability (increasing damage to neutral creatures; proportional to fsp) doesn't work.
wizards ability (increasing damage to neutral creatures; proportional to fsp) doesn't work.

as always...
I repeat

Why do the units do spread damage like EFK's or sprites??
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