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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
Thanks general. So I just return to rouges wood tomorrow and I can pick it up??
this morning i had one puzzle piece left. Then first it was not available to click on. But later, after it had already finished somehow the puzzle piece went away. And now i could click it and did a 100% dig at once and got the grail :) (also still have the one from last year :D)
@Gerald exactly
Finally dug it up, thanks general!
the auto games on .ru - is there a way to set the fight style.
All my barb ever does is sitting and defending and waiting to be slaughtered.

During the troops settlement in the beginning of the combat, click the sword for offensive AI or the shield for defensive AI.
i had workaholic did a hunt and got a 5/5 wiz hat :O

thought increases chance for artifact dropping was only for regular hunt drops
Ive gotten a wiz cap, leather helm and anti air robe all at 5/5 durabilty.
71 th survival tournament - # 1379 (from 11/27 12:00 to 12/04 22:00)
from latest announcement:
3) Every hero of third level will be able to get any artifact in the victorious battle with the probability of a three times higher than it was at the Heroes' guild;

These 4vs4 battles were a good opportunity to farm fsp :). I wish one day something similar will happen here on com.
can any russian speaking player help me to enter clan #3851 on ru server?
Why not Empire's Crusaders, english speaking clan
Sorry Molstesss, you are already a member.
Gonna be also a member soon.
I want to join #3851 because that's a way to avoid all those AP cheaters on ru server
#3851 is not for min ap battles, but for developing antifsp (some people do it in fullarts). For min ap there is another clan - #5640.
Yes, I know that. I can play full or min art battles - no problem for me. But when #3851 has "min AP" as battle description or "faction level 0-5" then the players of #3851 usually follow the rules! In all other battles there is always at least 1 cheater.
Can some 1 shed some light on this paladin attacks plz.I just logged in to .ru to find myself in the battle field!!

I cant understand the creatures ability as I don't know Russian :(
Can some 1 give a translatable link so I can read them via google translator.

Thnx in advance :)
i have been playing on .ru for a bit now, its sooo much better than .com
Of course, i do need to compromise considering i speak absolutely no Russian.
Its great fun playing on a more updated version of .com

One question though, is the teir 4 gnome creature any good? :)
No usual dwarf tier 4 (brawler) is very weak, but only before it is upgraded.

waiting for more... maybe they'll have a war based on this
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