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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
well, i usually do that only, try to kill the shooters.
but i remember in one battle only barb's 3 orcs n wolves had been left, n i had my whole guards n about 11 monks.
he hit my monks, they all died, n then ran away b4 guards got their, after i waited he stunned guards, took retal with orcs n killed almost all in one turn with wolves...
wont happen if you have lots of morale and fervor talent.

9/10 times, fervor is better than stunning blow.
17 griff or 62 cross

which one is better 4 levl 10 holy build knight?
in which type of fight?
in PvP cross will prolly be better if u can cast evasion b4 they get hit hard
in gbs
to nayyart:

dont heavily depend on xbows in PvP'S. 1 confusion (dark spell), you will be useless. also every one kill shooters 1st.

get griff, they are very good. fast mover, very good damage too
ohh, right, forgot that at lvl 10 they get new spells -_-

at lvl 8 max x-bows is good, follow eddy's advice for lvl 10 :)
which factions are the hardest opponents for knights in pvp?
Dark built necro and DE i think
i would say chaos wizard and might de.
What do you think is most lethal against knights in higher lvl like 14-15?
high racial elf are deadly to knight.
a luck hit from brilliant uni could kill half of guard easily.
yeah how about necros?which faction can be vulnerable to knights in higher lvl?
yeah how about necros
I think a magic necro with mass confusion, curse and weakness can be lethal for a knight.........
I think a magic necro with mass confusion, curse and weakness can be lethal for a knight.........

yea, had a cg recently in which one of my opponents was a dark magic necro, very hard to beat
After casting abt 2 spells mainly confusion and poison/curse/weakness/Delay
Knight has a real tough time.......
until lvl 8 where knights can get xbows which is better to use? bowmen or recuits? I know a few pros of each eg recruits dont get noticed and last longer but bowmen can shoot and distract enemies, but which would be more useful?
Depend upon situation and what type of battle u play....
I play mainly hunts, with a bit of GB
definely xbow in your case.
in range hunt, they serve as decoy to earn turns for your sword to charge.
in melee hunt, they are the king~~~

for gb, most player will go for max sword instead of recruit or xbow since you cant predict who is your enemy. xbow will be the next since they have higher hp then recruit and can shoot and distract enemie.
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